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Different types of home lighting

Different types of home lighting


Different types of home lighting


And here we are again in Sweety crib, The sweetest blog online in general and in the field of home products in particular.

And today, we will talk about types of home lighting. You can, of course, always jump into our beautiful lighting collection at any time And get an impression of what is happening in our store in this field.

Let's get started.



1. Recessed lighting fixtures.


A recessed light fixture is compressed inside the wall (or wood. Or anything else that the walls of your home are built of).

It can be put inside the wall, ceiling, inside the wooden fixtures of an outdoor balcony, and even inside the wooden beams of a wall cabinet. The guiding principle is that the same light fixture will be immersed in something and will not occupy an external space independently.


Home productsRecessed lighting is efficient and saves space



2. attached Light fixture.


An attached light fixture is just as it sounds - it is connected to something.

It takes up the volume on its own in the home space and is simply connected to something by snap tools.

It could be drilling of an LED lamp into a wooden beam. Attaching a chandelier that hangs directly from the ceiling of the room, or just A simple light fixture linked to something tightly.


3. Hanging light fixture.


We assume that this section is pretty clear to you.

You encounter it at the entrance to every hotel or restaurant lobby with a drop of class.

Chandeliers and the like, in which the light fixture itself is a little far from the source to which it is attached (ceiling, for example), and the connection is made using a chain or any other instrument (which also in itself requires design and investment).


Home productsDangling elegantly from the ceiling and illuminating each room with its beauty


In private homes, you will come across fewer such bodies. But it is a place that wants to give a luxurious, noble, and even a little vintage atmosphere.



4. Decorative light fixtures.


In these types of lighting, the design interest occupies a prominent place.

This category deals with lighting fixtures without a specific material characteristic, but one that shows a desire for sophistication and custom design.

Of course, the variety of ideas and examples is endless and depends on the creative spirit of the lighting fixture designer and the design idea he wants to assimilate into that lighting fixture.


Home productsThe variety of Decorative lighting fixtures is huge


The matter of personal taste plays a significant role here, and of course, varies from person to person.

There are no right and wrong when choosing the correct category. This is for personal taste only. It is just important to note that once you have decided on your preference, it is vital that you get the best products at fair prices.

To enrich your knowledge on the subject and get another perspective, you can look at this interesting article.

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We at Sweety Crib will make every effort to meet all your needs in this area.

Please hop on to our beautiful lighting collection and take a look. We are sure that you will find items related to the field of the article, such as custom lighting fixtures, creative home lighting, and so on.


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