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The four "do's and don'ts" before hiring a professional.

The four do’s and don’ts that you must know before hiring a professional.



The four "do's and don'ts" that you must know before hiring a professional.



And here we are again at Sweety blog, the sweetest blog online.

So you moved into a new apartment, you settled in well. All the furniture is in place, and overall, everyone seems satisfied.

Mazel Tov!

But then, unfortunately, what usually happens - and something in the house needs fixing from electrical problems, air conditioning to plumbing or painting. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of examples on the subject.

So what will any normative person do? You're right - hire a professional to help him with these issues.

But let's be honest, nowadays it is not an easy task to find a good enough and reliable professional who will not take advantage of your lack of knowledge, and give you professional service on the one hand, and will not charge you an exorbitant price on the other. That's why Sweety's crib is here.

This article will teach you what to do and not do when hiring a professional to fix something in your home.

And as always, at the end of the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation to summarize its content for you.

Trust us, this article will save you money and unnecessary frustration.

Hop on.




1. Do preliminary market research.



You do not want to be lazy when choosing a professional for home repairs.

Today there is a massive variety of sites that rank professionals in all areas that you can think of.

You will find sites with verified reviews, not bots.

Examine carefully the experts in the field in which you need assistance. Read carefully what the verified clients have written, and try to understand how those same professionals helped each of them with their problem, then understand how relevant it is to your specific need.



Home productsMarket research is key



For further enrichment in the matter, see this excellent article that will help you.



2. Understand what your need is (be focused).



If you are not specific and goal-oriented, you can get lost quickly.

For example, if your specific need is to repair a leak, do yourself a favor and fix only that leak, and do not be dragged to replace all the plumbing in the house.

And so should your conduct with the professional - be focused! If you give him the feeling that you are a little confused, he will make sure you make as significant a renovation as possible. After all, he benefits from it.

In conclusion - understand your need and act to correct it directly.



3. Do your homework.



A known (and unfortunate) fact is that not all home repair professionals are reliable enough.

Some will even go so far as to say that those professionals know how to smell blood, and if they conclude that you do not have too much of an idea on the issue that needs fixing, they will take advantage of it to make you think much more thorough repair is required. All to enrich themselves a little more.

So how to avoid it, you might ask?

The answer to this has two sides.

1. Read extensively on the subject of the problem you are facing.

The professional must understand that the client-facing him is well aware of the problem that needs fixing and that it will not be easy for him to give false and far-reaching diagnoses.

Disclaimer - We do not want to claim that all professionals are cheaters - absolutely not! All we want to do is avoid any inconvenience that may arise. And a thorough understanding of the area needed for repair can help with the matter.

2. Let's face it, you are not a professional, and there is a limit to the amount of information you can extract from Google regarding your problem. So despite the above, try not to overdo your "professional knowledge" demonstration. You will get caught up in your bullshit pretty quickly, certainly in front of a serious professional.



Home productsDo your homework and understand things as much as you can



Our advice is that on the one hand, you should show some understanding in the area of ​​repair needed, and thus you will avoid unnecessary scams, and on the other hand, do not overdo it. Keep it simple.

For further enrichment on this topic, read this article.



4. Do not make room for misunderstandings (match expectations).



Make your expectations clear to the professional before! The beginning of his actual work.

An ancient Chinese scholar once said, "When you sign a contract like friends, you end up like enemies. And when you sign a contract like enemies, you end up like friends" (well, no need to be petty and Google us. We invented this quote right now ..). However, do not leave even the slightest space for misunderstandings. Ensure everything is clear and agreed upon before starting the actual repair work.

Clarify in an unambiguous way to the professional your expectations of his work. What will you consider a success, and what will you feel like a failure.

Make it as clear as you can what you intend to pay money for, and for what you will not pay even one cent!

The problems start when all sorts of misunderstandings begin to pop up at the end of the job. And when you think that the result does not satisfy you, and the professional on his part firmly claims that the repair was carried out to your satisfaction, and that is precisely what you requested in the first place.

Therefore, our recommendation is to clarify the essence of your need before the work begins (and preferably in writing).

You're right. It has an official name - a contract.



Home productsAvoid unfortunate misunderstandings by clarifying things at the beginning of the engagement



Unfortunately, we understand that making a contract for every repair is not always possible. But in such cases, do yourself a favor, and as noted above, clarify yourself well. Especially - regarding the payment.

We sincerely hope you will implement our recommendations on the subject, and the repair process in your home will be fun and efficient.

Check out this important article and enrich your knowledge on the subject.


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