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And here we are again at Sweety crib, the sweetest blog online. And today, we'll return to the most essential elements on which our store is founded and try to add value from a slightly different angle.

True, in the end, we are a store that sells home products, and most of our blog posts are about the commercial and informative aspects of this niche.

But after much thought and out of our deep and emotional connection to the main themes of the store, we decided that from time to time, we are allowed to go a step further and talk about the broader connections of our core business - the home.

Home. Repeat this word.


What is a home for you?

Are these just four walls?

A material structure whose sole function is to provide basic survival needs, such as a roof, storage of food, and accommodation for you and your loved ones?

Do not become highly sentimental to a moment following the question. Answer yourself the automatic answer that comes out of your mouth. For only out of sincerity can we reach exciting insights.

If this is your answer, it's excellent. This is the prevailing perception among humanity regarding this concept called home.

As in the other everyday issues that surround us - to which we do not devote particular thought but are connected to them by the force of inertia that drives the wheels of our functional routine - our home, those four walls, too, we have no unique attribution of such and other emotional elements, but only function Functional.

While our home serves as a central axis in our lives, we charge ourselves through it by sleeping, eating (most of the time), and space where we use our means of hygiene (shower and so on) to return to our everyday social environment (work, friends and extended family).

As stated, this is the prevailing view and is legitimate.

In today's article, we will try to dig a little deeper. And examine other basic concepts on this issue.

Having said all that, and with all due respect. Our perception is that the concept of the 'home' contains much more than that.

Home is the root, the Starting point, and the turning point. The space from which everything emerges begins. Grows and develops.

Home is the point of growth and the exit towards the world.

Most significant direction. This is one direction - the "past" direction. From it development is possible.

The other direction, the "return - is even more profound.

Home is a space to which I return, the area into which I converge and return to the sources of my creation.

Home is my refuge. Into it, I crash when the environment makes it difficult for me, and I will return to it when I need protection from the ricochets of the domain.

Then, it turns out that home is the starting point and the endpoint of our entire time here.



Home productshome is not just four walls


Our home opens every circle in our lives and also closes it.
Indeed you will hear from many people that their feelings regarding their home are linked to images such as a fortress and a warm place to curl up when raindrops knock on the window, and they curl up in the living room in front of the fireplace, holding a glass of hot chocolate and smiling affectionately at their loved ones. All this is accurate. But this image still misses the point and does injustice, to our understanding, to everything that a house is supposed to represent, to the same spiritual idea we will magnify and say, of the beginning and endpoint that a home is supposed to represent.

Your home is the cave from which you emerge into the world every day and to which you return to unload what you have accumulated and recharge yourself for the next day.

The walls are not just what physically separates you from the environment. They are the objects to which you pour your tears, and they gladly accept them.
Your bed is not just the physical instrument on which you place your body to rest every night. It is the place of refuge to drain all the hardships of your day and release them as you meditate on the day that has passed over you.

Your living room is not just the place where you happily curl up on the couch in front of the TV and relax. It is the place of your creation, and your living room is the first place you reach after the entrance to the house. It symbolizes the initial separation between you and the outside. Your living room is the first space that is just yours. It is the beginning of your privacy. The front of yourself.
And if we go back for a moment to the more sentimental and less spiritual images, the proper perception for us of the home is a kind of the following parable:

Imagine a TV scene, Game of Thrones, for example, you are injured and fleeing a wooded area heading south. You stumble from time to time, sore and frightened. The camera shows the direction behind you hears the sounds of horses with riders urging them to hurry and reach you as quickly as possible. You continue with an indescribable effort in your run in the same direction.

But what is the place you are running to anyway?
Well, that place is your castle, surrounded by river water.
Back to the scene. You progress fast, but the riders start to catch up, all of a sudden! You slip and bump in your face.

You look up as you lie painfully on the ground, your mouth full of sand. You notice that the wooden beam above the river water - connected to the castle and forms a kind of bridge between the court and the ground - slowly rises back to the source due to the fear of the cavalry penetrating inside.
But at the last second, you find strength and somehow manage to get up and reach the wooden beam, jump and hold on to it and go inside to the displeasure of the angry cavalry.
Inside, your caring loved ones are waiting for you, running to you, hugging and kissing.

Slowly you regulate your breathing and enter the foyer of your home.
You slowly take off your clothes and immerse yourself in a warm innerspring inside and relax from the frightening situation.
In those moments of breathing regulation, you realize that the place you are in right now is much more than an artificial construction. Not just walls that contain objects. It is much more than that. He is your peace and calm.
Home is the place where you can rest. Be loved and protected. Put aside the worries of the world. And most importantly - just be you!
A home is a place where all the masks fall, and we dare to do all the things we avoid doing outside.


Home productsOur home is the foundation from which we approach life


Home is where you dance with yourself as if no one is looking and make funny and weird faces that if someone outside had seen you, he would probably have taken care of hospitalizing you in a mental institution.

A home is a place where you can burst into healing cries without regard for what is going on outside.

A home is a place where you burst out of yourself without any effort and filter.

Home is you. Most simply and naturally.

Starting point. Endpoint. The silence And authenticity between the two.

By the way, a home is not necessarily a physical place. He can also be a person.

And with that, we have now given you a little teaser for the following article.

Stay tuned.

For further enrichment of knowledge on the article's subject, check out this cute article.

To be honest, this is also why, with us at Sweety crib, the uniqueness of the home products we offer for sale is of increased importance.

After all, it is clear that if our axiom regarding the essence of the house is as described above - undoubtedly the products in it must meet the exact high requirements.

And having taken a deep breath from this pretty in-depth article, we want to remind you that in the end, we are a business (pretty cute, you have to admit) that owns an online store with unique home products for sale.


Take a look. What are you waiting for?



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