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Five Home-Decor tips you must know

Five Home Decor Tips You Must Know



Five Home Decor Tips You Must Know.



And here we are again with you at Sweet blog, the sweetest blog online.

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 As you probably know, The field of home decor is flourishing. But like any other growing field, getting lost in that ocean of information is quite effortless due to its popularity.

And the customer, who only wants to get some relevant information on the topic, can quickly lose interest due to the flood of information surrounding him.

But don't sweat. This is why we are here, and today we will share with you small (but essential) tips you must know in order to enter the world of home decor to some extent.

Our main goal is to assist you in obtaining understanding and clarity in this field so you will not get lost.

It is also important to note that the tips you will get here are all DIY.

And as always, at the end of the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation to summarize its content for you.

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'Five Home-Decor tips you must know.'

Shall we?



1. Communication.


The most sensible thing at any beginning of the home decoration process is to ensure that the furniture and other accessories can talk to each other.

You are probably rereading the top line to ensure you have read it correctly.
Yes, you read that right. And here we come to the first tip - every home has a language spoken within it. And when do design problems start? When each piece of furniture speaks a different language.

It would be best if you made sure that there is good communication between the dining table in the kitchen and the chairs around him, along with the decoration on the wall over there.

You must ensure that the sofa in the living room 'speaks' The dresser language.
It would be best if you see to it that the sophisticated decoration you hung on the bathroom ceiling understands the language of the picture hanging in the hallway - which is the first thing the people see when coming out of the bathroom.

Intra-household communication Among home furniture/accessories and creating a consistent design message is critical. And it is she who will create the necessary harmony for a well-designed home.


Home productsA common language between home furniture

An interesting anecdote about the importance of good communication:

Some (Yuval Noah Harari, in his excellent book - A Brief History of Mankind) claim that mutual communication is the real reason for Why is it that our species, Homo sapiens, of all others, is the one that survived and became the ruler of nature. All of this, as mentioned, is due to the shared language he created with his peers, which helped him develop elements of cooperation among them, eventually making him the lord of the universe. You can read more about it here.

And despite the distant resemblance, this is also relevant to a certain extent in our case. You will probably be surprised to hear that there is indeed communication between furniture and home accessories. The pleasant design harmony that prevails in every house is the same common language we talk about.

"And how do we do that?", You probably ask.

Well, This is one of those questions to which only you have the answer.

Home language adaptation is primarily related to who you are as a person.

In many cases, only you will know the connection between your furniture and home accessories, whether there is a match between the sofa and the dresser, and whether they can be part of the same story.

The guiding principle is that there should be some 'match' to some extent at the very beginning. Have at least something to work with (shared resemblance, for that matter) right from the start. And that match will, in the end, become a common language.

Remember, in many cases, your guests will need help understanding the common language, and only you will know if such a language exists.

Everything starts from the moment of purchase. When you were still observing them, just before you took out your credit card, did you think of the exact fit as an essential element in the furniture pattern you are looking to buy?

If the answer is yes, and even if you are the only one who sees the joint fit and language - that's fine. It means there is a language, and at the moment, only you understand it.



2. A simple artwork.


You will be amazed to hear how simple (and very easy to obtain) artwork can change the look of your home upside down.

The selection is enormous, and you will be surprised to hear that there is no need for bankruptcy to do so:

Beautiful (but simple) canvas stickers, paintings that can be hung on the walls, Fabric Wall Hanging, unique art that your child made at school, and so on.

It is important to note that the wall art field is quite vast. You can hang almost anything you consider creative enough on your walls (and ceiling), from hats to recycled accessories, and ends with a charming mirror gallery. Wall art is a field that is quite open to personal interpretation with no sullen and exclusive authority. You can do almost as much as you like. Just take care of aesthetics and delicate beauty.

Also, wood and simple metal art can be well expressed in your home. Check out this page, and you will get great ideas on wood and metal art in home decor.

And let's not forget the fantastic flower decoration field! That some home design experts use to hang on walls and ceilings.

These are elementary instruments that can make any guest who enters your home be filled with inspiration.



Home products
One simple artwork can make a huge difference



You can also check this excellent article to enrich your knowledge and ideas on the subject.

Our central claim is that simple artwork can be obtained relatively quickly, and to the same extent, you can fill your home with it so that a person looking from the side (with an inexperienced eye) will think you are a home decorating expert.



3. Let it shine.


You will be surprised to hear how vital the rays of sunlight penetrating your home in terms of home decor.

The importance of that pleasant sun is not only in the technical aspect of creating a transparent look and the lack of fog. It is certainly not our primary intention when discussing the importance of the sun's rays on your house.

The sun's rays tend to bring with them a warm and caressing touch, which brings with it a feeling of rustic and pleasant homeliness. As if you are lying in the living room in your grandmother's house and playing like children with your favorite toys while she makes you lunch.




Home products
Illuminate your home with natural light



Try as much as possible to address this issue in the most professional aspect possible.

Learn and research the options available to you regarding the possibilities of light rays penetrating your home space, and act accordingly. Here you can find more information on the matter.

It sounds like a small and insignificant tip, but trust us - it is essential!



4. One meaningful artwork.


We are, god forbid, not trying to interfere with your Financial considerations. It is clear that everyone has their own unique expenses, and today's economics is complex for most people.

But still, with that being said, and given that this article is about tips for improving home decor, we must note that there is no need to turn your home into an art museum. All needed to bring about a fundamental design change is just ONE! Work of art (not particularly expensive). And, of course, we will not leave you hanging in the air. Check out this article to expand your knowledge on finding quality artwork at reasonable prices.

If you can, try to put aside something small, not a particularly large amount, so you will eventually be able to buy exciting ONE artwork after a certain period of time.



Home productsTry to save and get one unique artwork



And now for the next step, Once you have managed to purchase one, what do you do then?

Well, in that case, location is critical.

The location in which you decide to place your unique work of art that you purchased is of great significance as part of improving aspects of your home decor.

Our two cents on the matter - Put it at the entrance. You want it to be the first thing that every guest will see. And as is well known, a first impression has a very noticeable effect.




5. Constant external examination.


Despite your goodwill, in the end, you are the one who is physically present within the four walls you call home most of the day.

Let's face it. Even if you observe from time to time your home with a subjective and sincere View and try to conduct a weekly assessment of your home design condition, it would still be challenging since your look is not as objective as you may think.

Therefore, make sure to bring in a friend from time to time so he can share his objective opinion on the design condition of your home.

Ask his opinion:

"What do you think needs a refresh?"
"If I do the trick to increase the kitchen space (for example: reduce the size of the ceiling lamp so that it takes up space in its area), will it look artificial or rather improve the situation?"
"Do you think it is worthwhile at this point to put a mirror in each of the rooms of the house?"
"Will another cute accessory or small artwork in the hallway be too much?"
These are just a few examples. We trust that you understand the principle and can think of many more.
The rationale behind asking these questions is the principle of external objectivity.

Your friend does not physically live within your house, and everything he tells you comes from an outside place devoid of judgment and personal attachment (as you may have).



Home productsDo a situation assessment from time to time

Such an outside look from time to time will contribute a lot to you when it comes to improving your overall home decor situation.


Home products


We hope that this article - 'Five Home-Decor tips you must know' - will help you to some extent in understanding this issue.

And if you've made it this far, please be sure to jump into our collections page.

What are you waiting for?



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Shammy Peterson calendar_today

The thing that stuck out to me the most is when you said that it is amazing to know how artwork could have the ability to change the look of your home. This must be shared with my sister who wanted to shop for home decor such as 3D temple statues. I could imagine how her living room could look more sophisticated when she considers your tips.

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