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Home gym - three tips on how to do it right

Home gym - three tips on how to do it right



Home gym - three tips on how to do it right.


And here we are again at the sweet blog, the sweetest blog online.

And today, following the extensive and unexpected stay-at-home policy forced on many of us following Covid, we wanted to ensure you do not neglect your health while spending much of your time at home.

'And how do we do that?' you might ask.

Well, we have prepared an excellent list of everything needed to design a home gym that will meet all your needs.

And as always, at the end of the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation to summarize its content for you.

Let's get started.



1. Create the right environment.


Before going into all the technical aspects of setting up a home gym, you must understand that you first need to find the right room that will be used as your home gym.

There is no need to panic. As you will see later, finding such a space is simple and inexpensive. Such a space can exist in the vast majority of houses. (LeBron James' home gym will indeed be larger than the average person's, but the principle is still valid).

We genuinely believe any home space can be turned into a small gym. It all depends on how creative you are.

So. how do you get started?


It's all about the location.


Find a free space within your house. It can be a small area. Even a tiny space under a staircase/garage/empty spot in the living room and more will get the job done. The only rule is that he must allow you to move adequately.



Home productsEvery home area is a potential gym

Stick to one place.


Although some would argue that there is no problem with being dynamic and changing position as needed - and if today you feel like exercising in your living room and tomorrow in the kitchen, that's fine - we do not think so.

Our perception is that seriousness in training will only come with a regular training area.

So do your homework and find the most suitable home space for your gym. and once you find it - stick to it


2. Be creative.


The secret to establishing a good home gym is creativity.
You must be creative.

It is essential to understand that unlike a "regular" gym - where everything is already arranged for you, and all the equipment is just waiting to be used by you - in your home gym, you are the one who will determine how effective and promising it will be.

Ensure that the straps and dumbbells, Along with all the equipment required for a good home gym, will be present and ready to be used. And this is precisely where your creativity comes into play.

Try to figure out the most versatile and easy-to-use tools that will help you advance your goals. Do not forget about their storage aspects as well. They must be ones that can be easily folded and stored.

The following is a short list of such training equipment:

Yoga strap and mat
Balance ball
Adjustable Dumbbells
Weighted armbands
Indoor Exercise Bike
Medicine ball
Weighted jump rope
Resistance bands
TRX bands

Try to get your hands on as many as possible.

Home productsBe creative with your equipment



3. Zero distractions.


One of the essential principles in any optimization process in general, particularly in-home training, is to create a free-distraction environment.

It's easiest to get lost in pointless scrolling on Instagram or Facebook. It will not get you anywhere and certainly will not help you achieve your goals.
Therefore, one of the essential rules in creating a home training environment is to leave your mobile phone outside.

It's okay and even recommended to some degree to install a screen that will play stimulating music or other sports content to increase motivation. But your phone is certainly not one of those screens. He is your weak spot regarding concentration while training.
While training at home, every little thing can be distracting. Unlike a public gym, where you say to yourself, "Okay, I've already arrived. Let's do our best." On the contrary, your house is full of unnecessary distractions. So try to reduce them as much as possible.

Another distracting element is people.
At least during those workout times, try to minimize the entry of others into the area you have defined as your home gym.
Remember! Zero distractions equal effective training.


Home productsDistractions - Keep Them Out!


Check out this excellent article for more inspiration and information on the subject.

We hope that this article - 'Home gym - three tips on how to do it right' - will help you to some extent in understanding this issue.


Home products


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