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How do we create a healthier home?

How do we create a healthier home?


How do we create a healthier home?


And here we are again at the sweet blog, the sweetest blog online. And today, we would like to write you an article in the spirit of the times (which we very much hope are already behind us) - making your home healthier.

Covid brought us all into our homes, and for a long time.

Since the homestay of all of us has become more frequent and has included the transfer of activities from the outside in, such as work and more, the challenge of preserving and nurturing a healthy home space has dramatically increased.

So aside from the intuitively clear importance of increasing "the health of your home," as mentioned above, the issue is super relevant to our time.

In this article, we will try to point out the most critical (and helpful) tips for creating A healthier home.

Let's get it started.


1. Sports space.


Sport is the first thing that comes to mind when planning a healthier home.

Make sure to create a space in your home dedicated to sports activities. It does not have to be large or fancy. There are many ways to create such a space, even completely simple.

See our article on our sweet blog about ways to create a home gym.

The connection between sports activity and our health is the closest imaginable.

Read this for further expansion on the subject.

The more you invest and persevere in sports activities and perform them in your home, the healthier your home will become.


Home productsA home space dedicated to sports


On the one hand, this is an effortless operation to perform, and on the other hand, its contribution to making your home healthier will be immeasurably high.

Thank us later.



2. The right food in the fridge.


Similar to the first paragraph, we talked about the prominent - sports. We will continue with the same pattern and note another matter that is quite obvious when keeping your home healthier - nutrition.

The studies that link your diet to your level of health are innumerable. There seems to be no issue in the healthcare world with more consensus and agreement than this.

Make sure the food in your home is as healthy as possible.

Purchase food that is tailored to your health needs and your body.

Doing this will contribute a lot to making your home, and thus yourself - healthier.

Read this article and enrich your knowledge regarding the healthy food ingredients you need.

Another critical issue regarding the relationship between proper nutrition and the health of your home is the issue of availability.

Look, wanting to eat healthily is one thing, but making sure a cooked and healthy meal is prepared on your table is another. Therefore the issue of the availability of healthy food is essential in itself. Make sure there is no need for too complex an operation to produce healthy food for you.

Place bowls full of fruits and vegetables around the house. Ensure to invent food that does not require preparation, which will simply be placed in the refrigerator.

The guiding principle is that in addition to worrying about buying the proper nutrients in terms of health, you must also create lighter options for how to obtain healthy food.


Home productsHealthy and available food is key


Read more here about the connection between "laziness" and healthier eating.



3. Cleaning and disinfection accessories.


An ancient Chinese scholar once said - "one simple disinfectant wipe can prevent a future epidemic."

Okay, maybe we got a little carried away, and he never said anything like that, but you got our point.

If we have learned one thing from covid, it is that sanitation is a crucial factor in maintaining the "health" of any space, in particular - you're home.

Make sure that simple sanitation stations are located in critical areas of your home. So that it will not be too complicated to take, for no particular reason, a damp wipe and disinfect your hand or another surface in the house.

Another great example is automatic hand cleaning devices. Some are activated without contact on your part but only by a sensor that detects your hand placed under it and is subsequently designed to pour a bit antiseptic liquid.

Another excellent means relevant to this paragraph for making your home healthier is the simplest and most well-known means - cleaning.


Home productsKeep everything clean and sterile


Make sure your home is cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Use detergents that are environmentally friendly and healthy for you.

The cleaner your home is, the fewer bacteria it will naturally have. Read more about it here.



4. Space for the soul.


As is well known, health is not just a function of physical issues. It is also directly related to mental problems.

Calm and peaceful people tend to be healthier.

Create (at least) one space in your home dedicated to the soul.

Yoga/meditation/relaxation room, you name it. A space where you can relax and unwind from the daily hassles. Other ideas for this room can be nice quotes on the wall/smell of soothing incense, and more.

You can read the article in our sweet blog dedicated to this topic.

The more general principle is to create a peaceful atmosphere in your home that will contribute to your mental health and, as a result, will also help your physical health.


Home products Peace of mind will help with your health


The space of relaxation is just one example of achieving this goal.

Be creative.



5. Restrict entry!


Another fundamental principle in making your home healthier is determining what can enter your home and whatnot.

Smokers / harmful technology \ and a host of other toxic effects - out.

It is your full right to determine what will enter your home and what will not.

Anything that you fear has a detrimental effect - both on the physical level and on the mental level - on the health of your home - it is your full right to prevent it from entering.

Read here for more information on the subject.


Home productsSave your home space from external hazards


We hope this article has helped you to some extent in your efforts to make your home healthier.

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