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How to go through a home renovation peacefully.

How to go through a home renovation peacefully.



How to go through a home renovation peacefully.



And here we are again at the sweet blog, the sweetest blog online.

And today, we want to address an issue that is relevant to many people, whether they already have experience with it or will have one in the future.

We are talking about the act of renovation. And, to be more specific - renovation of a place of residence.

As many of you may know, a renovation process can drive people entirely crazy.

It is a process that involves a lot of unexpected changes, demolition, reconstruction, Crowded schedules, and basically - a lot of mess.

It is an ongoing nightmare for those of us who find it difficult to deal well with a mess until we reach the desired goal at the end of the process.

In this article, we will go over some of the known difficulties, and right next to them in the same paragraph, we will point out how to solve them.

And as always, at the end of the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation to summarize its content for you. 

Stay tuned.




1. Take a deep breath.


A very significant point in any renovation procedure is the ability to deal with stressful situations and uncertainty.

It sucks to see your house torn to pieces, even if you know it will be beautiful and new in a while.

The stress involved in renovation is quite significant. You are under contract with several Various service providers at the same time. Some subcontractors do smaller jobs for you that you also need to know how to deal with. Sometimes one job depends on the other, and before you finish one, you can not start the other (and it is not always the same contractor who performs the work, so you also need to coordinate). And don't even get us started on the issue of finding an alternate temporary residence (with your family, if you have one) while The works are in progress. 

And did we mention the frequent setbacks in the schedules that occur regularly? Cuz, they too exist. Big time.

There are many examples of difficulties that require deep breathing in the renovation process. Mentioned above are only a few of them.

'What about the solution?' you might ask.

Well, The solution (when it comes to mental difficulties. technical difficulties, and their solutions, we will address later) is to internalize properly before the renovation process begins that you are about to face a somewhat tricky operation to execute, which will require your mental resilience and self-calming ability. And whenever a difficulty arises (and there will be lots, trust us), you must apply the same self-calming techniques you came up with before the process.

Read here about great techniques that will help you deal with stressful situations.

And our two cents on the matter - take a deep breath! It will pass!

And in the end, you will be happy.

So, tip number one is that you must understand what you will deal with. This insight will make you better prepared.




Home productsStay calm. It will pass




2. Detailed schedules.


One of the most significant generators of difficulty during renovation is the issue of schedules.
It is essential to understand - many times, a renovation is conducted like a gearwheel, with each part depending on another part.
Often, you will find yourself dependent on the (successful) completion of one type of work to continue (following) a different kind of work.
This is why schedule delays are so common in such a procedure because it is impossible to control the beginning and end of - a variety of jobs that depend on a large number of variables - simultaneously.
Therefore, our advice is to prepare a detailed schedule before starting the work, in which you will address in writing those unexpected delays as much as you can.



Home productsPlan your schedule and you will not be surprised




The more you plan, the less you will be surprised.

Once the schedule is written, internalize that there are even additional delays, which despite your early preparation, may still surprise you.

Be prepared for any scenario.

Here, you can find a great article regarding planning a schedule for your renovation.



3. Budget.


There is a well-known popular saying - "money speaks louder than words."

Ultimately, the essential thing that will help you finish the renovation process with the same level of sanity you went into with it is the matter of budget.

You will have unexpected expenses in the renovation budget. This is a fact! Accept it! And there's not much you can do about it.

It's on the verge of impossible to plan your budget at a perfect level so you will not be surprised and spend money that you did not think you would have to pay.

You must know that certain things cannot be planned in advance. For example, let's say you want to renovate the plumbing in your home, but the contractor will only know what its condition is after he destroys what covers it (walls/floor). So right now, you are only aware of the demolition cost, And you have no idea how much more you will have to spend next. Even the contractor himself Can't give you answers beyond that.

This is also relevant to the other components of the renovation process. so frustrations regarding spending too much is a fairly well-known challenge.

Our two cents on the matter are to try and build as accurate a budget as you can (and by the way, you have to write it) but at the same time understand that you may have to spend more than you planned, and give expression to this insight in your overall budget planning. You can indicate this under the line - "Unexpected expenses."

It would be best if you do your homework well before the work begins. Understand your needs and, accordingly, what are your financial capabilities.

Then go out and do in-depth market research, both about the contractor and his capabilities and the expected costs. Try to find reasonable prices. Feel free to compare prices. It will save you a lot of money.

Once you have managed to figure out who the contractor is that you can afford, and after you know where you can save on raw material expenses and so on, write down the budget as detailed as possible, and as mentioned, you should also address the unplanned costs.

A well-known mistake of many people is to get carried away with the expenses without realizing what they can afford.

Even if your wife (or husband) is highly interested in a new Italian marble, only do it if you can afford it.

Renovation is characterized by brutal honesty. If you have decided to "go wild" and invest money that you do not have in products that are too expensive for you, you will quickly find that there is no money left for the rest of your plans, and your home will look like a small construction site. And it's pretty awful.

Read more here about the proper planning of a renovation budget.




Home productsUnderstand what you can spend (and what not)




In conclusion - understand your needs and abilities (including unplanned expenses), do market research, and stick to your plans.
Thank us later.


4. Consistency.


Renovation is one of the most accessible places to get lost.
Indeed, one characterized by inconsistency, instability, and uncontrolled attraction after any passing opinion may find himself in trouble.
Look, the variety found throughout the renovation world - from paint to the type of marble through furniture - is enormous. You must understand in the most accurate and precise way possible what you want before! The beginning of the works.
If you fail to come prepared, what eventually will happen is that After a week or two from the beginning of the work, a neighbor or friend will comment on something, and you, in response, will get stressed and want to change everything from the ground up.
Another scenario - let's say you have started the renovation process. Still, when it came to painting the walls, you got into a dilemma as to whether the color you chose is the right one and maybe one of the million other colors is the more appropriate.
The examples are innumerable. And in fact, what happens to many people is that they start a renovation, and during it, they get into dilemmas and start making changes. As a result, their budget runs out, and their house becomes an unclear and unfinished hybrid production. And there is nothing contractors love more than a confused client.
Our advice to you is to avoid it.
Understand from the beginning (after clarification and in-depth consultations) what you want and how you want your home to look at the end of the procedure.
Once you have decided on it, stick to it and do not let go.


Home productsChoose a plan and stick to it


In conclusion, if you have not yet started a renovation process but are planning one, reading this article will help you make the right decisions.
And if you come across this article in the midst of this process, we hope it can help you to some extent.

Home products


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