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Landscape Design Styles

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Landscape Design Styles.


And here we are again at Sweet Blog, the sweetest blog online.

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And today, we will deviate a bit from our customs and take you for a walk outside, straight to your backyard.


Contrary to popular belief, a backyard is an integral part of the concept known as 'Home.' And its design quality is an essential component of your overall home Decor strategy. Therefore, please do yourself a favor and do not make the common mistake and neglect it.

In this article, we will help you understand the types of backyard design styles out there (the most common, at least) and clarify, as much as possible, the precise contours for each so you can make the specific adjustment that works best for you.



As always, later in the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation and a video summarizing its content for you.


'Landscape Design Styles.'

Hop on.



1. Make It Wild.


Intuitively, the average person's first perception of a typical backyard is a distinguishable area that is not really an integral part of his home but rather a kind of Home-nature combination. 'Ex Territory painted in natural green,' you may call it.

As a result of this common perception, The design style mentioned in this paragraph, Hereinafter - "The Wild," - comes up for discussion.

The 'Wild' design style is indeed characterized by being a highlight of your house's exterior. It will still be part of your house but express a more profound link to the all-mighty nature.

You will mostly see there a lovely garden and lots of greenery/furniture characterized by durability to stay in outdoor conditions, and possibly also some fruit and ornamental trees.

The main principle underlying this style is the desire to leave nature precisely as it is - In Nature - and due to its proximity to human residence, it will be given some aspects of 'Home' (Furniture, delicate landscaping, and more). But its main imprint will still be primarily natural and 'Green.'

Imagine a classic grandmother's garden in some small eastern European village - Something like that.








Home productsInto the wild!



As mentioned, the things you will usually find in a backyard of this type are:


Simple/durable furniture.

Diverse seedlings and plants.

(Broken...) Wooden fence.

Empty and full planters.

Old rocking chairs.

Extremely minimal and straightforward lighting.

Everything you need for a good old BBQ.

An old lawnmower.


The lack of a significant and absolute partition towards the nature surrounding your house - Using this design style will make you feel at home and a bit like part of nature.

It will usually also contain discarded scrap/bicycle skeletons, etc. And maybe even a tiny, old-fashioned warehouse, Etc.

No sophistication or outside-the-box thinking. Everything is very simplistic and concrete. 


Now, as for our two cents regarding this style:

It can indeed be considered to be the most authentic. You can even find some similarities to the well-known 'Vintage' style. But despite the rising nostalgia, unfortunately, We do not believe there is still a design justification for using this old-fashioned style in our modern times.

The concept of landscape design Style has progressed a lot. And with all due respect to this one ('The wild'), its origin is far from the past, and this is precisely where he is supposed to stay.




2. The Modern Design.


Next on our list of landscape design styles is the 'Modern' one.


Contrary to what was stated in paragraph one, this concept is about 'Bringing outside the house's interior' instead of preserving nature as is.


Imagine your living room, with all its components, moves out to a place not bounded by concrete boundaries called a 'Backyard.'

In such a backyard, you will see minor “Wild nature” with more colors/artificial materials.

The ground is usually not green (grass) but covered with flooring/deck.

Most of the accessories you will see will be made of synthetic materials.

The guiding principle is - minor 'Nature' and more synthetics, modernity, and home comfort.


Moreover, Besides the home comfort you will probably encounter in a backyard of this kind, you will also come across creative design elements in which much thought and planning have been invested.

So, if summarizing all the elements that would typically contain this landscape style, It would roughly contain the following list:


A Portable Propane Fire Pit.

Backyard Streams, Ponds/Waterfalls.

Patio Furniture.

A Treehouse.

Water Feature.

TV viewing area.

Retractable Shade.

Shaped plants.

A Hammock.

Propane-Powered Torches.

A Play Area With a Sandbox and Tire Swing.

Outdoor Kitchen.

Outland Living Backyard Fire Table.

A Wood Fire Pit.



Home productsBackyard as another room in the house


The above are just a few examples of what you will find in the 'Modern-style' backyard.

You can read more here about trendy backyard ideas with a 'modern' twist.


And now for our two cents concerning this style:

We genuinely prefer this style over the previous one, which, as mentioned, is more outdated. With that being said, we will still be obliged to pay more attention and not neglect the concept of Nature while mistakenly turning our backyard into another room in the house.

It's perfectly fine to grant your yard a comfortable/modern/and homely design touch. We totally get it. Just remember to draw a clear line between your house and yard during the process.

Excessive design and modernization can lead to a complete blurring of those boundaries, which most people don't want. But, if you are built differently and are still interested in some design creativity, please read this article.

With that being said, let's move forward to the last paragraph in our list of landscape design styles.



3. Intermediate Style.



the American author Taylor Jenkins Reid once said:

The truth often lies, unclaimed, in the middle


In the paragraphs above, we have expressed our professional opinion on the different landscape design styles and their suitability.

Although it is pretty clear we are more supportive of adopting the second style over the first, we still have some doubts and reservations about it, especially regarding the option of completely blurring the backyard-house boundaries. Thus erasing our backyard's uniqueness to some degree.

Therefore, naturally, the ideal style in our view is somewhere in the middle:

On the one hand, one that will get most of the modern style's features and, on the other hand, will still have few elements of some green and Wild nature.



Home productsFind the middle ground!



Infographic for Landscape Design Styles


We hope this article - 'Landscape Design Styles -' has whetted your appetite to jump into our garden collection, and we are also more than happy to invite you to visit our collections page.


And in case you have more questions on the matter, please feel free to reach out



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