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The four most important tips for reinventing your home.

The four most important tips for reinventing your home.



The four most important tips for reinventing your home.


And here we are again at Sweet blog, the sweetest blog online.

And today, we will talk about simple ideas (you will be amazed at how much...) that will help you reinvent your home.


We fully understand that phrases like "reinventing your home" may sound pretty grandiose at first and that on first hearing, you probably imagine a massive renovation full of dust and deafening noise.

In short - a mess!

So you'd be surprised, but there are other ways. More straightforward and no less effective, available to our dedicated blog readers.

And as always, at the end of the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation to summarize its content for you.

Let's get started.



1. Painting (with an interesting twist).


There is no better way to breathe life into an old apartment than some fresh paint on the walls. It gives a new and fresh touch and completely changes the apartment's look.

But and this is big, but the color must be unique to reinvent the apartment and refresh it correctly.

This is not a dull white paint job.

Such a painting will give you (at best ..) an effortless feeling of cleanliness and refreshment. This is not our goal here. We are interested in reinventing the apartment.

Therefore, our recommendation at Sweety crib is to invest thought and find slightly bolder and more vibrant colors for your apartment. Delicate purple and pink, light blue, and so on. You can, of course, also make custom adjustments.

For example, you can paint your little daughter's room in delicate pink and your son's green or blue. The kitchen is black mixed with yellow and so on.

The guiding principle is to find a slightly bolder color than usual. A color that will lead to a renewed look of others at your apartment.

Moreover, everything we wrote above concerns painting only. Our perishing recommendation is to add a custom caption on the walls.

Empowerment sentences, light-hearted humor for the members of the house ("in our kitchen, you don't get fat," for the kitchen walls, for example, "safe zone" in the bathroom, and lots of other things that only you know).


Home productsRenew with some fresh paint


You can also give a "vintage" touch by a particular coloring style.

Do your research first regarding such vintage painting styles, and once you understand what works for you, apply it in your home.


This will give a thorough refresh to the walls of your home.

You will be amazed at how much quality and a little bold painting can fill your apartment with a new life and actually reinvent it.

For further enrichment on this issue, read this article.



2. Furniture.


No, no need to stress. We are not talking about replacing all the furniture in the house. After all, the stated intention of this article is to reinvent your home in a few simple, non-grandiose steps.

So what are we talking about then?

You will be surprised to hear, but sometimes even a slight change in the leading furniture design in each room (sofa in the living room, bed in the bedroom, desk in the nursery) can make a very significant change.

Purchasing a single number of Significant kinds of furniture can completely change the appearance of any room space whatsoever.

Think about it for a moment. In most cases, your guests' first thing that comes to mind as he enters your home is the furniture that catches their eye. When he enters the living room, it is a sofa - your central seating system. When he steps into the kitchen, it is probably the marble that occupies most of the room's space, and when he walks down the hall, his eyes will be caught by the light fixture that illuminates it.


Home productsFurniture is a critical component in the process of renovating your home


Try to understand how this method - of changing a small (but significant) number of furniture can bring the most remarkable change effect for your home and thus help in reinventing it.

And once you understand this well, compare prices and purchase the best one for you.

It's not that complicated. Take our word.


3. Accessories.


You will be amazed at how much the home accessories field has flourished in recent years.

Lighting accessories, kitchen accessories, Bedroom accessories, and more.

Sometimes, all it takes to change the look of a room is a very minimal addition of a beautiful accessory that will draw attention to it.

There is no need to purchase new furniture at all in most cases. A unique and exciting accessory will create the same feeling of desired renewal.

Do not be confused. We do not recommend that you turn your home into an Indian reserve full of authentic accessories hanging on the walls - that's not the point.

Try to map out all the spaces in your home, along with trying to tailor dedicated accessories to each specific room.

The guideline for you is to create interest and curiosity that will result from the same new accessory.

Maintain consistency. If, for example, you have decided that the accessories theme will focus on technological aspects, make sure that all the accessories in the various spaces are related to technology matters (for example, digital panels of different types in all rooms).

If you decided to go for a vintage theme, here too, maintain consistency, and the same kind of art images from that specific historical period, hung in all the house rooms equally.


Read this beautiful article to enrich your knowledge on the subject.



4. Displacement.


There is an ancient Chinese proverb:

"You moved it, you changed it.

Well, okay, you caught us. There's no such proverb. We just invented it. But you have to admit that overall it makes a lot of sense.

You have probably heard of the well-known theory called Feng Shui (if not, read about it here).

Which talks (among other things) about changing furniture locations as part of a process of better energy flow in your home.

But let go of that deep theory for a moment. Think about it logically. Changing the furniture placement in your home will create a significant visual change in your home at the immediate level. That's pretty obvious.

We are pretty sure that many times you have looked at a particular closet and wondered with yourself whether its current location is the most accurate for it, in terms of good occupancy of space and so on.

It is also quite clear to us that more than once, you have wondered if the sofa in your living room is located in the ideal place for it. And whether a change of location would present it better, and so would the whole living room.

There are many examples of this. They are relevant to a lot of your household products.

Invest thought on the issue. Try to think about how changing the location of furniture and accessories can contribute to your goal - reinventing and refreshing your home.

For more critical knowledge on this issue, read this article.

In conclusion, we hope this article will help you, and indeed you will use the tips listed in it to reinvent your home in a pretty simple and easy way.

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