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Survive Home Renovation Stress

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How to go through a home renovation peacefully.




Survive Home Renovation Stress.


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Today, we would like to address an issue that's relevant to many of us, whether we've had past experience with it or not:


And, to be more specific - Home Renovation.


Renovating, as many of you may know, is a journey that can push even the most patient among us to the brink.

Like the well-known saying:

"Living through home improvement is like living in the wild - you do whatever it takes to survive."

This process involves many unexpected changes, demolition, reconstruction, Crowded schedules, and, basically, a giant headache.

It's an ongoing nightmare for those who find it challenging to deal with some mess.

In this article, we will delve into some of the common hurdles of home renovation and provide practical steps to navigate them, empowering you to make your renovation process as smooth as possible.


Rest assured, at the end of the article, we have prepared a refreshing infographic and a video summary, providing visual aids to enhance your understanding and support your renovation journey.


'Survive Home Renovation Stress.'

Stay tuned.




1. Take A Deep Breath.


A significant aspect of any renovation procedure is dealing with stressful situations and uncertainty.

It sucks to see your house torn to pieces, even if you know it will be beautiful and new in just a while.

The stress involved in renovation is quite significant. You are under contract with various service providers at the same time. Some subcontractors do smaller jobs you also need to know how to deal with. Sometimes, one job depends on the other's completion. Before finishing one, you cannot start the other (and it's not always the same contractor who performs the work, so you also need to coordinate).

And don't get us started with finding alternative temporary residence (with your family, if you have one) while the works are in progress. 

And what about the frequent schedule' setbacks? Cuz they, too, exist - Big time.


Many complications scenarios will require your 'deep breathing' during your renovation process. The ones mentioned above are just a few.

'OK, I get it, problems are to be expected, but what about the solution?' you might ask.

Well, the solution (Concerning the Mental challenges, the practical ones, along with their solutions, will be addressed later on) is to humbly accept, before the renovation process begins, that you are about to face a pretty challenging 'operation,' which will require some mental resilience and whenever Some difficulty arises (and there will be lots, trust us), you must apply the same self-calming techniques you came up with before the process.

You can read more here about great strategies to help you deal with stressful situations.

Your very understanding/readiness towards the expected procedure challenges will help you take things lightly/proportionally.

Do yourself a big favor and just take a deep breath! This, too, shall pass.


So, tip number one in our - Survive Home Renovation Stress guide - is to come mentally prepared right from the start.


Stay calm. It will pass



2. Detailed Schedule.


One of the most significant generators of problems during renovation is the issue of schedules.

It's essential to realize that renovation is often conducted like a gearwheel when some parts depend on each other.

Often, you will depend on the (successful) completion of one type of work to move forward.

This is why schedule delays are so common in such a procedure: It's impossible to control the beginning and end of various jobs that depend on many variables simultaneously.

Therefore, our advice is to prepare a detailed schedule in advance in which you will address (in writing!) those unexpected delays as much as you can.


homePlan your schedule and you will not be surprised


The more you plan, the less you will be surprised.

By the way, You should humbly accept the possibility of more unexpected delays, which may still surprise you despite your early preparation.

Try to be prepared for any scenario!

Doing so will significantly help you survive home renovation stress.


Here, you can find a great article regarding planning a schedule for your renovation.




3. Budget.


You're probably familiar with the quote - "Money speaks louder than words."

Ultimately, the essential thing that will help you complete your renovation process with the same level of sanity you went into with it is the matter of Budget.

Dollars to donuts - No way around it - You are going to face unexpected expenses in your renovation budget. Accept it! there's not much you can do about it.

It's almost impossible to 'perfectly' plan your Budget so you won't get surprised by unplanned expenses.

You must know that certain things cannot be planned in advance. For example, Suppose you're planning on fixing your home plumbing system. Still, the contractor will know its current condition only after he destroys what covers it (walls/floor). So right now, you are only aware of the demolition cost, And you have no idea how much more you will have to spend next. Even the contractor himself can't give you answers beyond that.

By the way, one of the characteristics of a reliable contractor is his ability to openly and honestly inform you when he doesn't know 'things.' (Unlike some charlatans, who are always ready with quick and shady answers).

Our two cents on the matter are to try and build as accurate a budget as possible (and by the way, you must write it down) while at the same time understanding you may have to spend more than planned,

It would be best to express in writing this insight in your overall budget planning. You can indicate it under the - "Unexpected expenses" rubric.


Do your homework thoroughly before the work begins. Understand your needs and, accordingly - your financial capabilities.

Then, go out there and conduct in-depth market research about your contractor's capabilities (Don't be shy about demanding portfolios from his previous works) and the expected/unexpected costs. Don't be timid to compare prices. It will save you a lot of money and unnecessary future frustration.

Once you have figured out who the contractors are that you can afford, write down your budget in as much detail as possible.


Many people's well-known mistake is getting carried away with expenses without realizing what they can afford.

Even if your wife (or husband) is highly interested in a new Italian marble, only do it if you can afford it.

Renovation is like a little child - it is characterized by brutal honesty. Suppose you have decided to "go wild" and invest money you do not have in products that are too expensive. In that case, you will quickly find no money left for the rest of your plans (basic stuff), and your home will look like a small construction site. Pretty suck.

Read more here about the proper planning of a renovation budget.

 go through a home renovation peacefully

 Understand what you can spend (and what not)



In conclusion - Know your needs/capabilities (including unplanned expenses), conduct good market research, and stick to your plans.

Thank us later.




4. Consistency.


Renovation is one of the easiest places to get lost.


Indeed, one characterized by inconsistency/instability and uncontrolled obsession with any passing opinion/trend may find himself in trouble.

The variety of options/ideas/design styles (and many more) related in one way or another to your renovation operation is enormous.


Before the work begins, it's crucial to take control of your renovation process. You should be decisive in the most precise manner regarding your expectations. Imagine your home when the work is finished, and be able to provide a shockingly accurate description. This level of clarity will empower you and make your vision tangible. 

Preparation is key to a successful renovation. It's not just about having a clear vision, but also about understanding the process, setting realistic expectations, and anticipating potential challenges. By coming prepared, you're laying the groundwork for a smooth and efficient renovation journey.

Confusion and inconsistency are destructive traits when it comes to a renovation process.

If you fail to come prepared, what eventually will happen is that after a week or two of work, a neighbor/friend may lightly comment on something, and you, in response, will get stressed to the point of considering changing everything from the ground up.

The examples are innumerable. In fact, many people get into unnecessary dilemmas during the renovation process and start making crazy changes due to their inconsistency.

As a result, their budget quickly runs out, and their house turns into some unclear and unfinished hybrid production.

By the way. There is nothing contractors love more than a confused client. For them, your inconsistency is a goose that lays golden eggs. The more confused you are, the more they will profit. Cha-Ching!

Please do yourself a huge favor and avoid it right from the start.

Decisively decide from the very beginning how you want your home to look/feel at the end of the procedure.

Once you've made your renovation plan, it's crucial to stick to it. This determination will help you avoid unnecessary changes and keep your budget in check. Stay focused on your vision and don't let external opinions or trends sway you.


Choose a plan and stick to it



Doing so will significantly help you survive home renovation stress.


Infographic for Survive Home Renovation Stress



We hope this article - 'Survive Home Renovation Stress' - will help you with your efforts to deal with this issue properly. And if you have any more questions on the matter, please feel free to reach out.



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