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The Four Tips For The Ideal Teenager's Room Design

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Designing A Teenager’s Room - Everything You Need To Know!



And here we are again at Sweet Blog, the sweetest blog online.

The place to be for all fans of the home concept. 


Our topic for today will significantly help those of you raising teenagers who are concerned about how to decorate their rooms.


There is not enough (virtual?) ink to write down all the difficulties and challenges that come with home interactions with teenagers. We understand that it can be a tough journey, and some would even say a teenager should come with a survival kit (For you, not for them...).

Teenagers, in their journey of self-discovery, can sometimes exhibit challenging behaviors. They may seem distant, moody, or unappreciative, often without understanding why they feel this way.

Since we are not a parenting blog, we won't delve into the reasons behind their behavior or the solutions. Instead, we offer practical advice on the best options for their room design. We hope this will help somewhat with the horns you must have had time to grow.


Rest assured, later in the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation and a video summarizing its content. We've got you covered.


So, without further ado, what are the critical aspects of any teenager's room design?


'Design Tips For A Teenager's Bedroom.'

Hop on!




1. Space.



American musician Billy Corgan once said:


"If I had spent fourteen months in a small room with Jesus, I'd want to fist-fight with him."


The term "space" is quite ambivalent in our context. On the one hand, it symbolizes physical space (lack of density). On the other hand, it refers to 'Space' as privacy ("Stop meddling in my affairs, give me some space!").

When designing a teenager's room - you must consider both.

Privacy is one of the most important things for any teenager. It's essential for their sense of personal development. They are just getting to know themselves and are not always interested in someone else involved in this process. And there are also the awkward issues (from their point of view) of confidence and self-esteem/image that only increase their need for a meaningful sense of privacy.

So, when it comes to privacy, do, design-wise, as much as possible so that your teenager will 'feel' his privacy is nothing less than sacred.

It can be reflected in soundproof walls and other audio privacy measures/an entrance door that is more than poor plywood, etc.

There are many examples, but the guiding principle is the same - you should design their room in such a way that will make them feel that their privacy is well respected.


teenager's room design
Privacy is a top value for teenagers


As for physical space, first of all, it's highly recommended to read the article from our sweet blog - 'The four tips that will help you create more free space in your home' - and apply its principles within your teenager's room.

Storage solutions are also an excellent tool for creating additional space in your teenager's room. Apart from the practical gain of a newly created space, teenagers tend to have a lot of "Stuff," for which storage space is required.

Here, you can find 22 Unique Storage Ideas for your teenager's room by 'Pottery Barn.'


Sweet blog.
Maximize space as much as possible!


By the way, reasonable storage solutions that effectively contain their personal belongings will also help with their sense of privacy, which was expanded on above.



2. Reflect Their Personality.


Our number two tip regarding teenage room design is to reflect their unique personality within their room.

Design-wise, there are two ways to do so - a comprehensive or a more specific method.

Or, in other words - an overall design theme or specific adjustments.

Suppose your teenager is a die-hard fan of Marvel superheroes. A design room theme that includes wall color, bedding, wallpaper, accessories, etc., in the shape of - Spiderman/Captain America/Ironman/Thor - you name them - would be a great idea.

And if his character/personality is naturally drawn to things like oceans and Nature, then try to reflect this, design-wise, in his room's walls and other accessories.

If the Los Angeles Lakers are the ones he admires, then...well, you got our point.

Here and here, you can get some inspiration regarding creating a design theme for your teenager's room, and here is an excellent article by Martha Stewart about the practicalities of embedding personality in your home design.


Home products. teenager's room design
Reflect their personality within their room!


As mentioned above, special adjustments are also an excellent set of tools that can help you embed/reflect your teenager's personality, design-wise, within his room. 

Unlike the 'Theme' in question, which is characterized by a comprehensive concept (the entire! room is designed in the image of Spider-Man), the 'Special Adjustments technique' reflects things in a more specific/diverse way.

For a Lakers fan who also loves Marvel, you need to combine the two in the correct dose. Something like Kobe Bryant holding Captain America's shield...

We trust you to be creative.




3. Talk It Out.


The late Archbishop of Canterbury William Temple once said:


"The most influential of all educational factors is the conversation in a child's home."


This quote is undoubtedly relevant to topics such as the ones we are currently dealing with - the teenager's room design process. After all, this is the house's most important place as far as he's concerned.

Sit down with him and talk straightforwardly. Be honest and inclusive, and give him room to express his opinion concerning how he wants his room to look and feel.

It goes without saying that you don't have to obey his every whim - and even if he badly wants to decorate his room in the image of Joseph Stalin, make it clear it won't happen - and sometimes, if this is the case, you must find the right balance between his desire to create a flashy distinction from the rest of the house design-wise, and your desire to maintain design uniformity.

With all due respect to his wishes and the importance of dialogue/cooperation - his room will not become an ex-territory.

But with that being said, you'll be surprised to hear how much teenagers appreciate being spoken to honestly and respectfully. It gives them a sense of respect for their individual place as adults.

You can read more here about the five secrets for communicating with your Teenagers.


Teenager's room design
Talk it out!


Bringing him into the design process will ensure he will be happy with the final result and simultaneously will strengthen your home bonding.



4. Secret Tricks.


'It's all about the secret tricks,' an ancient Chinese scholar once said.

Okay, okay, no Chinese scholar ever said such a thing. We just made it up. But still, in this paragraph, we will share some small tricks to help you with your teenager's room design.


Reading (learning) Support Environment


Due to their natural curiosity, children love to look outside the window (some would even suggest this is an action with a distinct educational benefit).

It's highly recommended to take advantage of this situation and embed, design-wise, some kind of built-in seating near the window so it will be natural just to sit there and read/observe things.

Take a look at this picture below for visual illustration.


Home products. teenager's room design
Encourage them to read!


Design Flexibility.


It's a well-known fact that teenagers are no strangers to mood swings . These frequent shifts in mood often come hand in hand with changes in their preferences .

Today, they like this wallpaper, and tomorrow, they don't. Two hours ago, they were excited about their new desk, and now they can't stand it.

If you're looking to avoid spending a fortune on room decorations that might not last, the 'Flexible design model' is your best bet.

In a nutshell, this model suggests not investing too many resources in luxurious and expensive designs and furniture but focusing on perishable - while on the other hand - efficient 'things' that will serve well.

Remember, your teenager's tastes can change in an instant, and it's not always feasible to keep up. So, instead of investing in something they might reject tomorrow, consider a more flexible approach. This way, you can create a space that reflects their current interests without breaking the bank, and if your name doesn't happen to be Elon Musk, you won't make it financially.


Home products. teenager's room design
Mom!! Throw this ($1000) bed out of my room now!!!


By the way, Although it may sound a little cliché, an excellent place for the flexible model is IKEA.


We hope this article - 'The four tips for the ideal teenager's room design' - has helped you to some extent in designing your teenager's room. And if you have any more questions on the matter, please feel free to reach out.

And remember, the most important thing is to take a deep breath!

They can make life very challenging - we get this. But Try to make the best of it with as minor damage as possible Cuz, in the end, it's only a temporary period. Although you're probably pretty discouraged right now and don't believe us - it too shall pass.

While parenting is not our main topic, still, as always, we've got your back, our beloved Sweet Blog community, and here is an excellent blog on parenting teenagers. 

Due to the behavior of your annoying teenagers, you are already on the verge of a nervous breakdown. So, what do you have to lose...?

Check it out.




infographic for teenager's room design


And if you've made it this far, don't forget to jump into our collections page.

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