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Home-food relations. The full guide

Home-food relations. The full guide



Home-food relations. The full guide.



And here we are again at Sweet blog, the sweetest blog online.

And today, we want to talk about the deep connections between your home and food.

Ultimately, your home is where you store almost all of your food and is also the central place where you consume it. And for some people, a special connection is developed between their home and their food. Philosophically speaking, a relationship between environment and content, if you want to call it that way.

What food ingredients do you need to keep in your home, how to obtain and store them, what marketing tricks to avoid while conducting your food shopping, and how.

Although this article will talk about general topics related to food and home relations, we will still try to maintain clarity and coherence to create a proper and helpful reading sequence.

By the way, we did not choose this topic because we suddenly became a food blog.

We will mention again, This is only because of the direct connection that exists between home and food and the fact that your home is the place that stores most of your food, and therefore, due to our being a home blog - we have a lot to say here as well.


Shall we?



1. Types of products.

Healthy Ones.

As you probably know, there is an inseparable connection between the food you consume and your health.

Therefore, the first type of food we will talk about is the one that will make the best contribution to your health - healthy food products.

Although you probably already know most of them, we will mention a small part of the list:

Dark Green Vegetables
Beans and Lentils
Whole Grains
Extra-virgin olive oil
Lean beef
Fruits and berries
coconut oil
Dark chocolate
Organic Yogurt
Flaxseed, Nuts, and Seeds
Chicken breasts


Home productsHealthy and delicious!


As mentioned above, the contribution of this type of food to your health is critically important. This kind of foods products will help you maintain good health and high and available energy. Try to reach the point where most of your food purchases will be based primarily on this type.

And as we always take care to be up to date, read this article regarding the hottest trends in healthy food products.



The traditional.

Before describing this type of food, which we call "traditional," we ask you to imagine a classic family dinner in Dallas, Texas, at a conservative American home in the early 1960s.

Suppose we imagine the same description as you, then. In that case, an American mother puts a shepherd's pie on the table next to an excellent lasagna. The family's father scolds the children lightly to sit next to the table while he puts some rice and vegetable salad on their plates. On the table, we will find hot and fresh homemade bread and, next to it, a jug of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Read more here about What Dinner at Home Was Like 60 Years Ago.

This meal description is just an example. The guiding principle within it is values such as traditionalism and family.

The ingredients we will call "traditional" will include comforting and homely carbohydrates, which will form the basis of any rich family meal.


Here are A few examples:

macaroni and cheese

turkey shepherd's pie

chicken and gravy

celery soup

oven pot roast



roast chicken

slow-cooker pork loin

Separated pork chops

chicken and broccoli casserole

chicken pot pie


These are just a few examples of the variety of comforting and homely / family meals we are discussing.

Although we are fully aware that there is no recommendation here for a specific food ingredient for you to purchase so that you can prepare those meals, it is essential to remember that this is a general theoretical idea that does contain that specific recommendation - purchase products that will help you "go back home" and prepare these meals.

The origin of those products will usually come mainly from the vegetable/meat/fish/carbohydrate departments, which also require slow cooking.

Try to think like your grandmother serving you food on Thanksgiving. This will do the trick, and you will also figure out what to buy at the supermarket.



Home productsSweet home


By the way, even if we really try our best to be more specific and recommend certain products, we will only partially be successful because the variety of recipes relevant to this concept is enormous.


Cheat meal (and products).


We finally got to the fun part.

Cheat Meals are Meals in which you quite allow yourself to eat whatever you feel like, regardless of the calories number or the health quality of that food, out of an urge to lighten your "serious" diet regime a bit due to the insight that such a curse will help you maintain On a strict diet over time.

Read more here about cheat meals as a concept.

By the way, due to our desire to stay on the topic, we deliberately ignore the well-known question: 'Should You Have Cheat Meals or Cheat Days?' If you really want, you can read about it here.

Here are a few examples:




Ice Cream

Pulled Pork

Cheese Plate



Chicken Wings


Burrito Bowls

French Fries



All of these are just a few examples. There are many more from where they came from.

The products required to prepare those meals will be high in sugar and saturated fat, making your arteries less efficient.

The thing about cheat meals, which, as we mentioned above, besides their disadvantages, also have advantages, is that you need to know how to consume them in the right amount. In the links we have attached here, you will learn how.



Home productsEnjoy your cheat!


Later in this article, when we get to the ideal storage solutions for all your food products, we will also teach you the best way to store the cheat components to be used in the best way for you.


2. How to get them?


So once we realize what are the food products that will probably be in your home, the question arises - how do you get them?

This is where the phrase "smart consumerism" comes into play.

Be smart customers!

Although it may seem like a pretty simple thing to do, well, it's not!

You must understand the best ways to do your food shopping, And Remember! the big retail chains are lurking around every corner with marketing tricks and deals that will leave you with empty pockets and products that you did not plan to buy and do not need.

But do not worry, that's precisely why we're here, and that's how you'll do it right.


Tip number one.
Know what you need (strictly)!

Most consumption issues come due to a lack of clarity about what you need. Before! Arriving at the store, make a detailed list of what you need to buy. Once you have made a list, you have to stick to it, no matter how much you really feel like buying a particular product that is not on the list.


Home productsCome prepared with a shopping list


Tip number two.

Pay attention to the fine print.


Attention to the fine print is far more critical than the cost.

Do not let glittering sails dazzle your eye. Read everything written and not just what they wanted you to read.


Home productsKnowledge is power!


And by the way, there is no need to be a hater and angry at the advertising entities that do this (so perfectly, so to speak). They are just doing their job of getting people to buy shit they do not need at unreasonable costs. Just ensure you do your job and be a balanced consumer.


Tip number three.

Nowadays, It is quite established that Buying with cash is the preferred option over using a credit card in terms of cost savings.

Do not be lazy. Just click the link right here above to understand why.


Home productsIt's All About the Green

Come shopping with a set amount of cash to ensure that you are really buying what you need and not "buying with your eyes."


Tip number four.

Nightclubs - good.

Customer clubs - not good.


Remember. When you come to buy food, You're supposed to ..surprise surprise - buy food - That's it.

There is no need to join all kinds of dubious customer/friend clubs that offer you all kinds of benefits only if you join them as a member.

Trust us. It will not pay off financially for you in the end.


Home productsCustomer Clubs- You do not really need the

You must arrive focused and ready in advance, pay in cash, and return home. That's it.


Tip number five.

Conduct market research.


Do yourself a favor, be active, and do some preliminary market research before grocery shopping.

Today, there are great tools that will help you conduct such research using a single number of mouse clicks.



Home products

Comparing prices will save you a lot!


You will be amazed to hear how much money you can save by simply comparing prices.


Tip number six.

Buy online.

The benefits of buying online versus physically arriving at the grocery store are well known.

Cheaper / more comfortable and saves time and finding parking and fuel expenses / buying when you are still in your bed wearing pajamas / finding all the products with the click of a mouse, and more. Read more about it here.

Food stores have come a long way in the virtual world and Turned out to be very user-friendly, and even if you are technophobic, try to make an effort and move to online shopping. You will benefit a lot from this, And it's effortless.


Home productsBuy online!



3. Best storage methods.


So after we talked about the food ingredients that are supposed to be in your home, and also learned how to get them. Now the question of storage remains. Where will we put them?

First, you are more than welcome to drop by the storage products collection at our sweet store.

Second, regarding the question of the appropriate storage space. Well, here, too, The answer is quite dynamic and depends on the specific question.

Regarding the "healthy food products," - try to store them so that they are as accessible as possible for you and your family.

An excellent idea in this regard could be large fruit bowls in the middle of your living room Etc.

Try to create such an environment where the act of taking fruit or vegetables will be as accessible and straightforward as possible.

The above is relevant only to the 'healthy' products you have bought. Regarding the ingredients of the cheat meals, the action required is the complete opposite - store them in inaccessible places. Tall cabinets can be an excellent idea for this.

Finally, one last tip that will help you in your efforts for quality storage for those food products:

These storage solutions can also be a lovely addition to your home decor. If you have already decided on a particular closet or dresser, ensure it fits the design vibe in your home. And the same is true regarding other storage solutions.


Home productsGood storage is key!


You can read more about it here.

In conclusion, we hope we have helped you deepen your understanding of home-food relationships.


And if you've come this far, remember to visit our collections page.

What are you waiting for?





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