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The Four "Do's And Don'ts" Before Hiring A Handyman

The four do’s and don’ts that you must know before hiring a professional.



The Four "Do's And Don'ts" Before Hiring A Handyman.


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Today, Following some requests, we will discuss the things you must know before hiring a handyman for home repairs.


So you have moved into a new apartment and settled in well. All the furniture is in the right place; overall, everyone seems satisfied.

Mazel Tov!

But then, unfortunately (Drums), Something within your house needs to be fixed.

Electrical problems/air conditioning/plumbing/painting - Unfortunately, there is no shortage of examples.

So, what would any normative person do? You got that right - Hire a handyman to help him with these issues.

But let's be honest. Nowadays, it's quite challenging to find a good and reliable handyman who will not take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

But don't sweat. That's why we are here, And as always, We at Sweet Blog have your back.

This article will teach you what to do and not do when hiring a handyman to fix Something in your home.

Rest assure. It will save you tons of money and unnecessary frustration.


As always, later in the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation and a video summarizing its content for you.


'The Four "Do's And Don'ts" Before Hiring A Handyman.'

Hop on.




1. Do Preliminary Market Research.


Trust us. You do not want to be lazy when choosing a Handyman for home repairs.

Nowadays, many sites rank professionals in all areas you can think of.

Examine carefully the experts in the field in which you need assistance. Read thoroughly what the verified clients have written, and try to understand how these professionals have helped each of them with their problems.



Home productsMarket research is key



You must understand that hiring a Handyman is just like buying a tomato in the supermarket. In both cases, it's about transferring payment in exchange for a particular service/product.

And just like when, prior to purchasing a product/service, it is highly recommended to conduct market research - the same goes here. Hiring a handyman is no different.

For further enrichment, see this excellent article.




2. Understand What Your Needs ARE (be focused).


If you are not specific and goal-oriented, you can get lost quickly.

For example, suppose you need to repair an annoying leak. Do yourself a favor and fix only the leak in question. Do not be dragged to replace all your house plumbing.

The same goes with the decision-making process concerning the handyman you wish to hire - be focused! There is no room for confusion or hesitation.

Another no less critical tip: If, unfortunately, you do not understand properly the field in which you need professional help with, and you are too lazy to conduct your own research, do yourself a favor and do not try to misrepresent yourself as if you do.

Take our word for it. These people are like sharks smelling blood. They will immediately realize that you have no idea what you are talking about. Then, you'll find yourself with twice as many repairs as you originally planned.


hire a handymanBe an expert in the field!



In the spirit of the famous saying - It is better to be silent and considered a fool than to speak and prove it.

In conclusion - understand your needs and approach them correctly. It will help you better understand the dos and don'ts before hiring a handyman.






3. Do Your Homework.


A known (and unfortunate) fact is that not all home repair professionals are reliable enough.

Some will even say that those professionals can smell blood, and if they conclude that you do not have too much of an idea on the issue that needs fixing, they will take advantage of it to make you think much more thorough repair is required - All to enrich themselves a little more.

So 'how do I avoid it? You might be asking.

We thought you'd never ask:

1. Read extensively on the problem you are facing.

Your handyman must sense that the client-facing him is well aware of the problem that needs fixing, and it will not be easy to give false and far-reaching diagnoses.

Disclaimer: We do not intend to claim that all professionals are cheaters - absolutely not! All we want to do is avoid any inconvenience that may arise. And a thorough understanding of the area needed for repair can help with the matter.

2. Let's face it: You are not a professional, and there is a limit to the amount of information you can extract from Google regarding your problem. So despite the above, try not to overdo your "professional knowledge" demonstration. You will get caught up in your bullshit pretty quickly, certainly in front of a serious handyman.


do's and don'ts before hiring a professionalDo your homework and understand things as much as you can



Our two cents on the subject are:

On the one hand, you must show some understanding in the area of ​​repair needed. Thus, you will avoid unnecessary scams. On the other hand, please do not overdo it so that you don't embarrass yourself and do more harm than good. 

For further enrichment on this topic, read this article.


And now for the last in our four "do's and don'ts" before hiring a Handyman list.



4. Do Not Make Room For Misunderstandings (Match Expectations).


Make your expectations clear To the handyman you hired prior to! The beginning of his actual work.

An ancient Chinese scholar once said:

"When you sign a contract like friends, you end up like enemies. And when you sign a contract like enemies, you end up like friends".

Well, there's no need to be petty and Google us. We invented this quote right now- However, the guideline principle is still valid - Do not leave the slightest space for misunderstandings. Ensure everything is clear and agreed upon before starting the actual repair work.

It would be best to unambiguously clarify your expectations to your handyman about what you will consider to be a success and what not.

Make it clear as possible what you intend to pay money for.

The problems start when all sorts of misunderstandings pop up at the end of the job - when the results fail to meet your expectations And your handyman claims that everything was done exactly according to your request.

Therefore, we recommend clarifying your needs' essence before the work begins (preferably in writing).


By the way. It has an official name - A contract.

Thank us later.


Home productsAvoid unfortunate misunderstandings by clarifying things at the beginning of the engagement



Unfortunately, we understand that setting up a contract for every minor repair is impossible. But in such cases, as noted above - clarify yourself well. Especially - regarding the payment.


Home products



We Hope this article - 'The Four "Do's And Don'ts" Before Hiring A Handyman' -will help you make the repair process more fun and efficient.


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