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The four simple tips that will upgrade your home without spending money

The four simple tips that will upgrade your home without spending money


 The four simple tips that will upgrade your home without spending money.


And here we are at Sweet blog, the sweetest blog online.

And today, the issue we want to talk about is one that we are pretty sure passes in the minds of most homeowners - the option to significantly upgrade their home without being required to spend a significant financial outlay.

On the contrary, everyone knows that covid has not benefited financially with most of us. And not everyone can make significant changes in their home to upgrade it a bit and thereby improve their mood.

But do not worry, our sweet sweety crib community, we are here for you, and in this article, we will present you with some ways with which you can easily upgrade your home with a completely minimal financial outlay.

Stay with us.


1. Music.


Familiar with this feeling when entering the lobby of a hotel or a new restaurant, and there is a kind of quiet sound of a pleasant melody in the background?

Is it true that this music gives you (without even noticing) a sense of peace and coziness?

Well, Studies show us that music can reduce anxiety, stress, and worries and improve your mood in just a few seconds.

Aside from the scientific evidence, it's pretty intuitive to think that way. After all, who among us does not put a silly smile on his face while driving when a familiar and good song is suddenly played on the radio ?!

Music does us good. This is a well-known and well-established fact.

Back to the topic of our article, will it be complicated or expensive to connect small music sources in some corners of the house that will be activated by your smartphone and will play your pleasant and personal playlist whenever you come home ?!

The answer is - absolutely not!

This effortless operation does not involve any financial waste or effort.

Just make sure to connect one of the old and small speaker boxes that you probably have in the house at a location that you do not see at a glance.

If there is a possibility of a wireless connection - excellent. But even if not, do not worry. Wires can be attached to the wall in a way that will hardly stand out. Our recommendation is to install them in one of the upper extreme ceiling corners.

For an illustrative example, watch this.

We are pretty sure that calm music that will greet you upon entering your home, and occasionally while you are doing certain activities, will surely upgrade your mood and, as a result, the experience of living in your home in general.


Home productsUpgrade with music


2. Creating free space.


Although we have in our sweet blog a whole article dedicated only to creating more free space in your home, in this article, we look at creating free space from another angle - how it has a positive effect on you and your home.

Studies show that decluttering your house can significantly improve your mood. And so, quickly, you can take the level of your home one step further and upgrade it.

And what better way to do this than by finding good and creative storage solutions ?! (Here too, you can read the article in our sweet blog that deals with this topic)

Apart from the scientific reason, there are also quite intuitive reasons regarding the contribution of storage and arrangement solutions to improve your mood and thus upgrade your home.

Think about it for a moment, when do you feel more peaceful, when you enter a house where all your belongings are thrown on the floor, or when everything is well stored in an orderly and clean manner, and as a result, there is more free space for you?


Home productsUpgrade with additional free space


Make sure to create as many free spaces in your home as possible, and this will upgrade your home simply and inexpensively. This is an effortless operation.


3. Embed your imprint.


A (significant) and additional upgrade that you can perform in your home without a substantial financial outlay will be assimilating your imprint (not excessively) into your home.

What is it anyway, and how do you do it? You must be asking.

Well, in general, the answer to this is: make sure that as much as "of you" will be in the house, in accessories, objects, pictures, types of design, and so on.

And now in detail.

Each person has their character, hobbies, perceptions and aesthetic preferences, etc.

Make sure that the things that represent you and your personal preferences in your home will be more present.

If, for example, you are a die-hard surfing fan, would you agree with us that it would be nice if you had accessories/photos / and quotes that would symbolize this in your home?

If you are a fan of medieval European art, do yourself a favor and make sure to have a lovely quote by Giotto di Bondone (the most famous medieval artist) in a creative place somewhere in the house.

If you are a person who greatly appreciates coaching and personal development, we are pretty sure that Tony Robbins content, for example, which will be laid out at home visually and tailored specifically for you, will do you good.

It is also relevant to home design, color, furniture, and more. The guiding principle is that you should try and make your home as "like you" as possible.

This is not a complicated or expensive operation. After all, the vast majority of us take some care of the design of our homes. Our recommendation for you is - to do it in a way that will upgrade your home.


Home productsYou are special. Put some of yourself in your home


You will be amazed at how simple it is. And from the significant upgrade that this little action will bring to your home.


4. Keep it nice and clean.


This may sound trivial and obvious to you, but you will be amazed at the number of people who are not sufficiently aware of this issue - the issue of house cleaning as a significant factor in the quality of life.

(Many) studies show us that there is a significant correlation between house cleaning and the mood of those who live in it.

The more tidy and clean your home is, the more fun and enjoyable it will be to live in it.

This is not a complicated (or expensive) operation, just take your lazy ass and clean your house thoroughly and regularly.

You will be amazed at the magnitude of the contribution of this action to the upgrade of your home.

Let us remind you again that this is a relatively simple and obvious act that does not contribute. On the contrary, it makes the matter somewhat neglected. Do yourself a favor and make sure this is not the case in your own home.


Home productsSo fresh and so clean, clean


These were our four tips for you that will help you upgrade your home in a way that will not require too much effort or financial expense, just creative thinking and lack of laziness.
We hope you get the most out of them.

And if you've come this far, do not forget to visit our collections page.

What are you waiting for?





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