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The four tips that will help you maintain your home at a high level.

The four tips that will help you maintain your home at a high level.



The four tips will help you maintain your home at a high level.



And here we are again at Sweety blog, the sweetest blog online.

And today, we will take you one step further, to a point where your home is already pretty perfect for your perception, and there is not immediately anything to do right now (or so at least you think).


Your house is ready. Everything worked exactly as planned, the renovation was completed to your satisfaction, the painting came out perfect, and the furniture was carefully selected, and overall you seem to have done an excellent job, making your home exactly what you planned. Perfect!

But this is precisely the problem we want to help you avoid - a feeling of too much comfort that will prevent you from maintaining your home at the same high level of quality that you worked so hard to reach.

So what are the points that are important to pay attention to, and that will help you have the same feeling of freshness and renewal in your home even after a significant time that you live in it?

That's precisely why we're here.

Let's get it started.



1. Keep it clean.


Yes, we know, it probably sounds cliché to claim that cleanliness will help maintain the freshness and quality of your home.

But there's no way to escape it. It's incredibly accurate.

Careful maintenance of the cleanliness and aesthetics of your home will undoubtedly contribute to the visibility of your home.

The cleaner and tidier it is, the more it will retain its qualities and its fresh and renewed appearance.

We're pretty sure you know the phrase "keep it simple."

He fits this paragraph like a glove.


Home productsMake sure your home is clean. It's not complicated at all.

By the way, routine housekeeping will inevitably contribute to improving your mood as well.

You can read more about this issue in this article.



2. Renew in time.


Please do not be lazy.

As is well known, quality lies in the small details.

Pay attention to the small pieces in your home, and make sure to replace and repair the small things that require replacement and repair in time.

Notice a small leak from the sink in the tub? Do not be lazy, and make sure to fix it immediately. Do not wait until you wake up in a bathroom flooded with water.

The paint from the ceiling is starting to peel off? Take action and deal with it immediately. Do not wait for a severe crisis of the matter.

The tables in the nursery are starting to get dirty from the "creative art" of your three-year-old child and are beginning to look catastrophic? Get new ones as soon as possible.



Home productsStay up to date


There are countless examples, but the guiding principle is not to rest on laurels, and although the current condition of your home is quite good, your job is to notice that it does stay that way.

True, things go awry and get damaged from time to time, that's for sure. We only suggest that you pay attention in time to the changing needs. This way, you will always keep your home fresh, just like the day you first entered it.

Do yourself a favor and read this article on this issue.



3. Keep the excitement going.


Studies show that the excitement and curiosity that characterized us at the beginning of a particular process slowly diminishes as time goes on.

This is very relevant to our issue.

Remember the feeling before entering your new apartment?

You were enthusiastic and excited and constantly thought about how to set up and tidy your home in such a way that would make it most ideal for you.

Every little corner of your home has received the maximum attention it deserves.

You have noticed every change and aspired to decorate and beautify your home as much as you can.

In those days, your top Google search was probably keywords such as: "how to design your home burning steps" and so on.

But what happens to everyone happens to you as time goes on - getting used to and neglecting.

If you did not in any way accept even the tiniest peeling from the wall in the past, today, you express more "understanding" for such things and do not rush to re-whitewash.

If your brain was busy planning and imagining ways to renovate and refresh everything you could in your home in the past, the reality today is that you can pretty much accept the status quo. The planning and imagination in these issues are relatively neglected by you, and all you are interested in is maintaining the current situation.


Home productsDo not lose the curiosity


Our recommendation is to reactivate the imagination, passion, and curiosity that characterized you so much when you first entered your home for the first time. We assure you that if you return this switch in your mind, it will help you a lot in maintaining the freshness and quality of your home, for the apparent reason that a person with enthusiasm and excitement can never have a state of deterioration and mediocrity in his home that he loves so much. Indeed, those same feelings of enthusiasm have already characterized him in the past and made him make his home an exciting place for him.



4. Let them go.


One of the most important things in maintaining the freshness and high quality of your home is understanding when furniture or any other home accessory has reached a point that requires getting rid of it and letting it go.

We are well aware that there are things that you may have been emotionally attached to or that you may just be lazy (or stingy), so you have a significant delay when it comes to buying and exchanging things in your home.

So we are here to tell you - do yourself a favor and exchange things that it is time to say goodbye to.



Home productsAvoid emotional attachment to objects

If it is something with sentimental value, pack it in a dignified manner and store it in the respectable place it deserves.

But in any case, it is essential to know that renewing your home's contents is crucial when it comes to maintaining the freshness and high quality of your home, even (and especially) after a lapse of time.

We hope that this article has helped you and will succeed in preserving the freshness and quality of your home over time.

And if we forgot to mention, here is a sweet link to the pages of our sweet collections.


What are you waiting for?



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