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The Lazy Person's Guide To Cleaning A Home

How to stay lazy and still keep your home clean and tidy?




The Lazy Person's Guide To Cleaning A Home.



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Today, we are here to care for some of our lazy ones - Those who prefer the Prolonged couch sitting more than anything else.

Yes. We're talking to you.

We know you would also like to ensure your home is tidy and clean. But You are not willing to take any action on the subject since you are too lazy.

But don't worry, we got you.

This article will simplify the methods to keep your home clean and tidy, even for those not endowed with great diligence.


As always, later in the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation and a video summarizing its content for you.


'The Lazy Person's Guide To Cleaning A Home?'

Hop on.



1. Strict Schedule.

Look, It's pretty clear that most of you are indeed not lazy. You just do not know how to manage your time properly.

With some help, you can improve your time management skills to help you make your home clean and tidy without any special effort.

'How'? You must be asking.

Well, The first optional solution is a contract you will sign with yourself. As part of a strong decision, that once a week, on Sunday at 10 AM (for example), you will clean your house no matter what. Doing so will put you on the right track.

The goal here is mainly a behavioral change and not some practical tactic since even if, for that matter, you are indeed a very lazy individual, still, Your very internalization that there is no need for a prolonged fixed time of exhausting cleaning, but only one specific date set for this task - will help you overcome your "lazy" nature, so most of you will probably find yourself mumbling something like: "let's get this over with."

In order to make our argument more down to earth, we will describe an example from our personal life:

Surprise, surprise, but we, too, like most people, are fighting "Personal laziness" when it comes to household chores.

Although we tried almost every trick in the book, we could only make real progress once we applied the advice above - Strict schedule.

We decided that even if the end of the world comes and aliens take over live on Ellen DeGeneres show (God, please don't, We love Ellen), still, every Friday at 8 PM, we will clean our house. (and immediately after, We will kick these aliens' asses. No one will hurt our gorgeous Ellen!).

This very decision helps us overcome our tendency to be lazy. 

Despite the dissonance that may arise intuitively following this advice ("After all, the problem is that I am lazy. How on earth will I manage to set regular cleaning time and stick to it from the first place?!"), Rest assured that even if it doesn't solve your problem completely, it will definitely take you several steps forward.


stay lazy and still keep your home cleanSet a schedule and stick to it no matter what!


By the way, adhering to a regular schedule is a tool that will help you with a wide range of issues, not just with the subject of this article. You can read more about that here.

This was the first one from our - Lazy Person's Guide To Cleaning A Home - list.

On to the next one.



2. Acknowledge Your Weaknesses.

An ancient Chinese scholar once said, "The sooner you recognize your weaknesses, the more you will avoid mistakes."

Okay, okay, you got us. There is no such quote (we invented it right now). But it does not matter since the guiding principle is still valid - Acknowledging your weaknesses will help you better understand your personal difficulties. As a result, you will be able to find better ways to deal with them.

Read more here about how you can turn your weaknesses into strengths.

The same goes here:

If you have managed to be honest enough with yourself and, indeed, you internalized that you are a bit lazy, This insight alone can take you to productive places, the first of which is: Do not make too much of a mess from the first place?! 

If you know all along you will have a hard time cleaning up and tidying things up later - do your best to minimize as much as possible "messy" behavior.

At first glance, this insight may sound relatively trivial, but believe us - it is not, and many people really need this wake-up call to remind themself of their difficulties and what they should avoid.



Home products

Get to know yourself

If we are already in the business of recommendations regarding advance planning, another thing that will help you is smart shopping for your home products. Some household products require exhausting regular and daily maintenance, while others are just the opposite, and simple, infrequent cleaning will get the job done.

Putting your hand on those furniture/accessories will make your life much easier.





3. Get Help.


Ultimately, there is nothing like the good old tool of reaching out for help.

It can be in the form of close family members and even friends.

The guiding principle is that once you understand you are experiencing some difficulty with something - Try to ask for help from others to carry out your tasks.

And if, in this case, you have come to the obvious conclusion you are a little lazy, talk about it with your loved ones (and hope they will not punch you in the face) and ask for their help.

By the way, it goes without saying you'll have to offer your modest services in other fields in return. There are no free gifts.


Home productsHelp each other


If you still insist on avoiding asking for help, hiring paid cleaning services is always a possibility. And although it is more relevant to those who can afford it, this service can still be used infrequently and differentially in home spaces. Even a one-time use can help a lot.




4. Small Aid Tools.


All of the above are principles from which you can derive many practical courses of action.

In this paragraph, we will mention some tiny tips that can make a big difference and help you in your lofty efforts to keep your home clean and stay as lazy as ever - The lazy person's guide to cleaning a home.


Disposable Utensils.


Using disposable utensils will help you so you will not have to wash dishes after using them, which is one of the well-known Achilles' heels of lazy people. It is also relevant for baking surfaces and so on.


Order Food.


We want to avoid getting into expense discussions but only to find ways to help you stay clean and lazy at the same time. And ordering food is one of them. Doing so will help you with dishwashing and the complex organization of shared meals.



Active Cleaning.


Identify places characterized by the accumulation of dirt and bad odor and put on top of them neutralizing/preventing substances. For example, Place things such as baking soda/lemon in your refrigerator/microwave and other places where rot and bad smell may accumulate. Doing so will help you avoid problems you will have to deal with later, And since we've already established your being lazy - well, you've got our point.


Home productsSmall tips that can help you


There are lots of other little tips and tricks that can come in handy. Unfortunately, we cannot mention them individually since we do not live with you under the same roof. Try to think it through by yourself.


Home products


We hope this article - 'The Lazy Person's Guide To Cleaning A Home ' - helped you deal with this issue properly to a certain extent.

And now, seriously, move your ass and clean your house - This is the best advice.


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