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The four tips you must know in designing a nursery

The four tips you must know in designing a nursery


 The four tips you must know in designing a nursery.


And here we are again in sweety crib. The sweetest home products blog online.

And today, we will talk about the design of children's rooms. Different approaches and perceptions.

In our view, the children's room is the most critical area in the house. After all, this is where your loved ones sleep. By the way, when we say "children," our intention is (in this specific blog) is for children up to the age of 11.

There are some perceptions of the proper design for the children's rooms.



1. The classical conception.


The classical conception perceives the child and his needs in the most intuitive sense that can be. That is, a child needs a room with a childlike character. Lots of animated characters in various formats and rainbow colors are scattered throughout the room. Dollhouses (if they are tiny children), cutely designed furniture, and so on. The essence of this concept is - "Give the child a child's room."


Home productsKeep it childish


2. The minimalist conception.


The minimalist conception prioritizes free space as a priority.

This perception argues that it is essential for a child to have a place. A place to move, a place to play, a place to wander, and so on.

And to achieve this goal, the room's design should be minimalist. Small furniture (albeit cute, but tiny), without too many big dolls and other childish entertainment accessories.


Home productsLess is more. Create more free space



3. The educational concept.


You probably understand this paragraph before we even start explaining anything.

This perception prioritizes educational values ​​as the basis for everything. Also, for the design of your child's room.

A fully equipped computer will be placed on the dresser calculatedly. There will be a considerable investment in the bookshelves and the books that, of course, contain them. Such and other study accessories will find their place in the room space. The pictures in the room will be somewhere between Steve Jobs and Alan Turing. Pretty low priority will be given to the quality of the furniture and "happy" childish colors. What will guide the whole design of the room will be the question, to what extent it constitutes a comfortable environment for educational development.


Home productsCreate the perfect educational environment



4. The hybrid concept.


This perception is our favorite. It represents a combination of all the perceptions presented above. It will give weight to the child's "childish" needs in design and accessories. She will provide the space needed to dream and wonder. She will also know how to plant educational messages and tools throughout the room.

True, the combination of all these perceptions is not a simple matter. Not at all. But especially for this, We at sweety crib are here to help you with that.

And if you've gotten this far, jump into our product pages for a moment.

They're worth it.


By the way, more exciting and helpful examples can be found here. Jump in.




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