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What is the damn chair for?

What is the damn chair for?


What is the damn chair for?


Home products. What exactly is their purpose?

And here we are again at sweety crib, educating you and getting you great home products at the same time.

Before purchasing any product, a strategy is needed that defines the purpose of the desired outcome to make an intelligent purchase. What exactly is our need that the same product comes to fulfill.

When examining home products in general and the ones we need specifically, we usually come across three critical perceptions.

In this article, we will review them for you.


1. The practical approach.


The practical approach believes that the purpose of the product is one - to fulfill a practical need.

A chair was bought to sit on.

A bed is purchased to sleep on.

A computer cabinet is required to have where to place it. etc.

The sole purpose in purchasing the products is to facilitate our daily conduct when each product fulfills a clear, practical goal.

Of course, as a result of this premise, it appears that considerations such as aesthetics, design, emotional attachment, and even spirituality - have no place at all. The only concern is efficiency. And if the product meets the efficiency requirement and is sold at a reasonable price - we will purchase it.

The practical approach will usually characterize people with the limited financial ability and without a deep connection to the world of home design.


2. The aesthetic approach.


This approach is the opposite of the one presented above.

The guideline according to this approach is purely aesthetic and design needs.

A picture will be hung according to the emotional vibe of the room.

A table will be placed precisely according to its energy in the living room.

The designed lamp will be placed precisely! On the inch between the ray of light penetrating from the window and the direction of the south wind.


Home productsIt's all about the aesthetics


Those who hold this approach will be less interested in considerations such as functionality and productivity/ since it is possible to sit on almost any type of chair, but what matters to them is whether, according to their theory, the chair looks and is positioned correctly.

Usually, those who will hold this approach are people with high economic ability and have a connection to the worlds of art and spirit.



3. The hybrid approach.


This approach is a kind of combination of the two presented above.

On the one hand, those who hold it do care that the chair is ideally placed and gives a good feeling of freshness and fun, but on the other hand, comfort will be more important to them, and in the end, this is what will motivate them when they come to purchase it.

Those who hold this approach are connected to design and even spiritual content worlds, but at the end of the day, what interests them is that they will have a quality chair to put their ass on. And if it is also possible that it will be well placed and give positive energy - excellent.


With us, at the sweet crib, you will find everything you are looking for in this broad field.


So what are you waiting for?

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