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Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is


Home is where the heart is.



And here we are again at Sweet blog, the sweetest blog online.


And today, as we promised you in the previous article, and following the fresh spirit we put into our blog - which includes articles of a philosophical nature and not just informative commercials - we will discuss various aspects of the home concept.

Is this a definition that refers only to a physical place, or does it include other additional entities?

There is a fascinating linguistic argument. The essence of his words is that according to the source of the phrase "home," his intuitive meaning should not necessarily be related to a physical structure but rather to a "meeting place of souls."

The origin of the phrase "home" is from the word is from the old English word ham (not related to the pig. Calm down ..), which means where many "souls" are gathered.

Moreover, even the Latin source clearly implies that the Latin root word for home ("human") is used for man and people.

Read this beautiful article that expands on that.

In light of all this, we now hope that at least the exclusivity, which the physical asset has taken in the context of this concept, we have challenged a bit.

Just emphasize, we have no desire to claim that there is no connection between the physical structure and the expression of the home. This is not our intention, and if it was claimed, it's on the verge of ridiculous. We just want to shed light on different and additional aspects related to the concept.

So what then can a house be other than a physical structure?

Having significantly clarified the issue, and despite the cliché that may be reflected here, we conclude that "home" in the space (physical or abstract) where the person feels most protected, honest, peaceful, and has no desire to be anywhere else.

Some slightly different ideas meet these criteria.

And as always, at the end of the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation to summarize its content for you. 


1. Another person.


Once we have determined that it is pretty likely that other concepts can meet the definition of home, and that home is more a state of mind, a sense of being in the place to which we belong in life. There is no doubt that another person, another beloved person, could be called a house.

Most of us have experienced this at least once during our lives. You are in love, feeling light-hearted and excited. And in those moments when your loved one is close to you, hugging you close, you feel at home. Right at home.

All you want to do is snuggle deeper into his chest and dig better between his arms. You feel peaceful, protected, without worries. And even if your everyday life is full of tasks and things to take care of, still - in those moments, you do not care about any of it. You just want more of that human warmth. from home.


Home productsHuman love as a sense of home


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2. Specific space.


There are those for whom certain places give them the same sense of protection and serenity. A sense of home, about which we have expanded above.

Let's describe a situation of an adult woman who spent her childhood on a farm and open spaces with animals of various kinds, and now, twenty years later, when she is already a mother to children and lives in an entirely urban area but happens to be the first in a long time, beautiful natural wild spaces. She looks at them in-depth, and as a result, the same nostalgic feelings of a home will likely arise within her. The emotion will flood her, and all she wants is for those feelings to deepen within her and stay as long as possible.

She feels protected, loved, carefree. She feels at home.


Home productsMemories from the past


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3. Physical stimuli.


At a glance at the title, you already know exactly what we are talking about.

Physical stimuli, especially smell and tastes, have the power of magic to take us back in a time machine decades ago, all in just one second. Even years ahead, when we smell a familiar fragrance, the perfume of our beloved grandfather, for example, or a random taste of a spice that our mother used to cook for us as children - just like a magic act, we go back, way back, to that pleasant, beloved feeling of home.

The power of that feeling is so strong that sometimes a person who randomly tastes, after 50 years, for example, a unique spice that his mother used to cook for him with it - a burst of tears may wash over his face. No exaggerations at all.


Home productsSmells and tastes can take you back 30 years in one second


We are physical beings, at least on our part. And physical stimuli have a massive impact on our consciousness. And aromas and flavors that evoke vague and beloved feelings from the past will give us a sense of home. The same feeling of protection and love.

You can find a fascinating article on the subject right here.

In conclusion, we have presented you with some exciting ideas regarding the concept of home.

There is much more to expand on, but we will settle for those at the moment.


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