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What is your favorite interior design style? Self-quiz.

What is your favorite interior design style? Self-quiz.


What is your favorite interior design style?




And here we are again at Sweet blog, the sweetest blog online.

And today, due to many inquiries from our sweet community, We will deviate a bit from our customs. 

Instead of presenting you with an article from the field of home design, We will hold a fun and refreshing quiz that will help you figure out your personal design taste from the variety of interior styles.

Some preliminary background:

If you are a regular reader of our sweet blog, you are aware that there are many home Decor styles.

You can use our relevant blog articles to remind you about the subject.

In this quiz, we will try to understand together by asking a few questions, What is your personal design style.

Once you have answered all the questions, You will receive a score, according to which you will find out your preferences.

This little experiment is pretty interesting and exciting because it is not just a technical understanding of a design style. In some sense, it is an individual self-discovery of your personality.

Let's get it started!



1. Colors: As many as possible or just white and clean?


1. White, neutral, and dull, please (Modern style). 2 points.

2. Colors it's nice, but please do not overdo it. Beige with bluish, grayish, and greenish accents is more than enough (country style). 5 points.

3. The more colorful and messy, the better (Shabby chic style). 10 points.


Home productsVivid colors



2. Old or new school?


1. The only thing that interests me is what is happening right now (Modern style). 2 points.

2. We are an old school that loves exposed metal and heavy things, But the future interests us as well (boho-chic and industrial style). 5 points.

3. As humanity progresses, Things become of lesser quality (Retro vintage styles and some country). 10 points.


Home productsDays go by



3. What do you think about Mixing Stuff?


1. Big no-no. I prefer sticking to a consistent pattern (monochrome and Nordic style). 2 points.

2. Occasionally, it can be nice (Bohemian style). 5 points.

3. Mixing? I'm crazy about mixing. The more, the better (eclectic style). 10 points.


Home profuctsMix it!



4. Homely and cozy, or technology and progress all the way?


1. Homely warmth reminded me of Grandma. I love Grandma! (Retro and country style). 2 points.

2. Can I have both? (Eclectic and Boho Chic style). 5 points.

3. Come on, man, where's my robot (modern and industrial style)? 10 points.



Home productsProgress or nostalgia?



5. More is less?

1. I love my space. The less, the better (minimalist and French-style). 5 points.

2. We advocate freedom of thought and non-judgment, but keeping it from being too cluttered is vital. Otherwise, the room's aesthetics will be harmed (bohemian style). 10 points.

3. Absolutely not. More is more! Keep bringing them. We love things! (Maximalism). 10 points.


Home productsLess is more or more is it more?



6. Are you the type of person who is more restrained or creative And a free spirit?


1. Restraint equals power, and Please keep quiet (Scandinavian and minimalist style). 2 points.

2. Sometimes, I am restrained, and sometimes I am creative. Depends on my mood (Boho and shabby Chic style). 5 points.

3. Not sure I heard the question because I'm busy spraying paint on the walls. (eclectic and Hollywood regency style).10 points.



Home productsCreativity or restraint?



7. Is it essential to imprint your character within your home, or should the home fulfill only a technical need for residence without personal expression?


1. A house should be used for residential purposes only. Enough with your hipster nonsense (industrial and Scandinavian style). 2 points.

2. I'm trying to find the middle ground here. Although a house is indeed a space used for a technical need of residence, It is also important to have a bit of my personality within it (shabby Chic style). 5 points.

3. As far as I am concerned, my home is my reflection (modern and eclectic style). 10 points.


Home productsWant to put some "of you" on the walls?



8. What are your favorite raw materials?

1. I prefer organic materials found in nature, such as brick, stone, glass,
tiles, cork, bamboo, natural fibers, you name it (Although used in several styles, but most common in Boho and country Styles). 2 points

2. Building materials, such as exposed rafters, reclaimed wood, iron, concrete, etc. (Industrial and modern style). 5 points.

3. I like it colorful and lively -Prints, patterns, and textures (eclectic style). 10 points


Home productsWhat are your favorite Raw materials?



And now for the results:


If your total points are between 16 and 28, you are quite a solid person. Some would say restrained. Everything about you is usually impeccable and managed according to a regular and clean pattern. The most suitable design style for you is mainly the minimalist or Scandinavian one, Which is characterized by a clean and straightforward structure.

If your score is between 29 and 60, You are somewhere in the middle, like most of the population.

Everything about you is pretty standard, But sometimes exciting creativity pops out of you, and You feel like going wild with a flashy design style.

The most relevant design style for you is the eclectic one.

If your score is more than sixty, well, in front of us is a person with a free/creative and colorful spirit whose appropriate styles are the bohemian and chic ones.


In conclusion, We hope that this quiz amused you to some extent. At the same time, We want to believe that he also gave you an interesting perspective on the field of interior design.

And if you've come this far, please, remember to jump to our collections page.


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