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The three common mistakes with furniture when entering a new apartment

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The three common mistakes with furniture when entering a new apartment.

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And today, we want to talk about a topic that seems to occupy quite a lot of people when moving into a new apartment - furniture - and, more precisely, the most common mistakes made with furniture when moving into a new apartment.

Ask anyone who has ever moved into a new apartment, and they will tell you that the furniture issue is an inexhaustible source of headaches and energy drain. As a result, many tend to make mistakes in the correct way of conducting themselves in this matter.

In this article, we will review those common mistakes and what you must do to avoid them, even if they may seem inevitable at first glance.

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1. Wrong balance.

There is a quote attributed to Catherine Pulsifer:

"Time and balance are the two most difficult things to have control over, yet they are both the things that we do control."

One of the most significant mistakes people tend to make with furniture when moving into a new apartment is unbalanced decisions regarding the scope of purchasing new furniture in relation to preserving the old ones.

Or, in other words - is throwing everything away and buying new the right strategy?

There are those whose enthusiasm for the new apartment causes them to lose all sense of logic and throw away all their "old" furniture (which is sometimes only from the last move) and buy everything new. And vice versa, Mainly due to nostalgic reasons, some refuse to purchase even one new piece of furniture and are unwilling to get rid of the old armchair that has been with them since college.

By the way, It goes without saying that those forced to make decisions due to financial considerations are not included among those we are talking about. The above is only for those with the financial ability and the choices they make in the context of our article's subject.

Anyway, Both are characterized by imbalance. And, Like most things in life, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

In most cases, there is no point or other logical reason to get rid of all your old furniture and buy everything brand new before entering a new apartment. Besides the substantial financial expense, Some are probably still in good condition and can be taken by you to your new apartment. Furthermore, suppose you are a die-hard fan of thorough refreshment/renewal and want an all-new look, In that case - Besides the fact that your new home will contain new furniture that can grant you the desired feelings of refreshment and renewal - there are聽excellent聽methods聽nowadays to "refresh" by relatively simple actions aged furniture and granting them an almost new look.聽

Therefore, the first mistake we want to help you avoid concerning the issue of furniture in your new apartment is Not properly considering the question of what to buy and what to keep.

Try as much as possible to put emotional considerations aside. Understand your and your family's real needs, and then act accordingly.

An excellent tip in this context is establishing a family discourse.

Something like:

"Guys, we are about to move, and the issue of the new furniture is not entirely clear. Does anyone have an opinion about a particular piece of furniture we should keep?"

Although such a discourse will not provide answers that will eliminate doubts, it will still make the question be considered a little more in a way that will result in more informed decisions.

The three common mistakes with furniture when entering a new apartment
Consider properly what to buy and what to keep

Since this is an individual matter that depends on personal variables, there is no聽right or wrong聽answer to this question, And everyone will have to decide on their own. But as mentioned, the guiding principle and the golden tip is proper consideration. Know your priorities, and only then act.

2. Lack of strategic thinking.

Contrary to what many may think, strategic thinking is not a tool designed聽only for bombastic things.聽In order to achieve the desired results in various areas of life, strategic thinking is more than relevant, even in seemingly minor decisions.

But as Michael Porter said: - 'Strategic thinking rarely occurs spontaneously' -. It is something that must be accompanied with full awareness.

'What on earth is the relevance of strategic thinking for new home furnishings?' you must be asking. Well - very relevant.

Generally speaking, the home design process, which obviously includes a significant approach towards the furniture within it, is actually an expression of a whole organic design concept, usually classified into categories. And if you are a regular reader of our sweet blog, you are probably already familiar with all the types of home聽design styles. Or at least - the best-known of them.

Therefore, if you wish to avoid a significant mistake with your furniture when moving into a new apartment, you must integrate your furniture into your overall home design strategy.

For example, buying a huge sofa would not be so wise if you decided to go for a minimalist style.
And if a modern design style is your thing, why on earth would you buy a colorful and flashy dining table instead of something solid and clear?

The examples are many, but the guiding principle remains the same - prior to your move, while you are still trying to figure out how you want your new home to look, you must integrate the furniture issue into your design considerations.
By doing this, you can avoid matching mistakes with the furniture in your new home.

The three common mistakes with furniture when entering a new apartment
Don't wait until the last second to plan your moves

And by the way, here you can find the best tips that will help you keep your sanity during your moving process.

3. Poor market research.

There is a quote attributed to Wernher von Braun:

'Basic research is what I am doing when I don't know what I am doing.'

One of the most common mistakes people tend to make (in general, and with topics related to moving in particular) is poor market research.

They don't bother to compare prices thoroughly as required and then whine they got ripped off.
They don't bother to learn a bit about the quality of the furniture's materials so that they can make better decisions and adjustments, and then complain to everyone that the product is not as good as they thought in the first place.

And Most importantly, after finally choosing the product, they do not conduct the most basic quality and function tests in terms of use. Then, when they arrive home with it, they are frustrated that the mattress is not comfortable enough Or the dining table does not fit the dimensions of the kitchen (because taking measurements before buying is overrated).

Home productsConduct preliminary tests so that u won't regret it later

The way to avoid these mistakes is actually quite simple.
Just don't be lazy!

Conduct comprehensive market research prior to your purchases, both as to the quality of the product and its suitability to your specific needs and the price worth paying for it.

Remember! No one likes to be told, "I told you so."

And as always, we've got your back if you need assistance:

pricegrabber and聽price.com are great tools that can help you with your research.

Regarding comfort and adaptation to your specific needs, no tool on earth can help you if you are that lazy. You have to do it yourself.

By the way, regarding furniture, the issue of market research is several times more relevant.
It's not an inappropriate mug that needs to be replaced - it's a freaking bed!

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These were The three common mistakes with furniture when entering a new apartment.

Please do yourself a favor and try to avoid them.

And if you've made it this far, don't forget to jump into our collections page.

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