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Our story

Our story

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We are more than happy that you decided to visit our sweet shop.

On this page, we will share the story of the founding of Sweety crib.

The initiative to found the sweety crib started, believe it or not, with a meaningless spanking on the couch while watching a football game.

It was a pretty dull evening, but the game, which was quite enjoyable, did not distract me from the fact that the couch is pretty crappy and hurts my back. And hey, even the sideboard on which my TV sits is similar to the junk from the junkyard under my house.

And so, a kind of unexpected focus took over me, and the whole house started to look weird. At first, I must point out, it was pretty sad. All the furniture, utensils, even my kitchen, everything seems downright crappy. I'm not sure why this happened, but at that moment, a decision was made to upgrade my house and everything inside.

You will probably be surprised to hear, but so far, the diagnosis of the existing situation has been the most straightforward part. Finding the same furniture and utensils that will replace the horror that fills my house was a piece of the challenge. I walked from store to store and then to another store, and then to slightly change the situation - to another store.

A slight improvement has indeed begun to show from time to time. As a result, I became interested in the subject and researched it as much as possible. And every time I found a particular home product, I looked for other and similar versions of it. And so, with each passing day, my knowledge of the subject intensified, and finally, our fantastic sweety crib was born.

We have everything here for your crib. If you just need a little refreshment for your home - great, you will find the right products here. If you need to dive deeper inside. And turn the crib into a beautiful castle - here too, we are at your service, and you will find the products that will help you right here.

I will not extend too much, today my house looks perfect. And if you join my journey, I'll make sure yours will too.

You are more than welcome to visit our collections page.

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