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How to keep your home safe from criminal activity?

How to keep your home safe from criminal activity?



How to keep your home safe from criminal activity?



And here we are again at the sweet blog, the sweetest blog online.

And today, we will continue with our writing pattern that focuses on home issues, but we will take an interesting turn.
Instead of talking about design issues, we will focus on something similar - how to help you keep your home safer from crime.

Although we are moving a bit from our familiar comfort zone, we are still connected to our main theme - home.

In this article, we will list the most effective ways for you to deal with everyday crime challenges, from the context and reference to different types of residential areas, which bring a relatively diverse set of tools. After all, every neighborhood has its own crime characteristics. The types of crime in a severe slum are not identical to those in a quiet luxury neighborhood.

And as always, at the end of the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation to summarize its content for you.

Stay tuned.



1. The most common - burglary.

Unfortunately, in the context of domestic crime, burglary is the most common felony.
And when approaching an issue like ours, we must address it first.

Home burglary is a serious and very common felony, when in some cases it even degenerates into much more severe places than theft of property, such as physical injury and even murder.

Just to give you a general idea about the sheer scale of the phenomenon, we will note that in the US alone, the annual average of home burglaries is a little over a million!

Apart from the severe financial harm, powerful and far-reaching psychological phenomena can be caused to the victims of this felony.

There is a well-known saying that a person's home is his castle.
The inner meaning hidden in this quote is that a person's home is the safest place for him. An escape area from his daily difficulties and which is the only place where he feels most comfortable and peaceful. You can read more about it in our special article on this topic in our sweet blog.

In light of this fact, you will surely be able to relatively understand what a violent break-in to that intimate and personal place means to him.

Home burglary victims say they intuitive feeling desecration of their private place. In the absence of proper care, anxiety about being left alone or leaving their home may accompany them from here on out.

So after this prologue, you are probably asking what the best ways to make your home as protected as possible from this felony are?

That's why we're here.


Technological means.

You will surely be happy to hear that the home security products market is enormous and diverse.

Remote monitoring using security cameras.
Cameras with Wi-Fi that record and upload to the cloud.
Sophisticated alarms with touch and volume detectors.
Video doorbell.
Door Locks with Bluetooth technology.
Smartphone-controlled sensors.
Smart lock (based on face / voice / fingerprint recognition)
Smart lighting (functions as a sensor and detector).

Those are just a tiny part of the technological protection means for every home. You can read more here about the latest home security gadgets for 2022.

The home security market is dynamic and constantly changing. Try to understand the specific needs appropriate for your home environment and implement them wisely.

And of course, there are the "older" and more traditional tools - thick bars made of solid metals / heavy bolt locks / large and heavy metal doors, and more.

By the way, you will be surprised to hear that those "older" home safety measures such as heavy metal and simple bars are the ones that will cause the modern burglar - who is preparing himself to deal with technological safety measures - to be surprised and probably just choose another victim.
We are not claiming that he can not overcome those safety measures. He certainly can. But the noise and effort involved in messing with them (there are no magic buttons here. Heavy metal needs to be sawn) might divert it in another direction. And that's precisely what you want.


Home productsUse advanced means!


First, try to understand your specific home security needs and then do in-depth research on the best products that meet your home's requirements.

Studies show us that technological home security products significantly reduce the rate of home burglaries.

Therefore, when we come to discuss the best ways to protect your home from crime, we must set aside an important place in the matter of technological means. They are the future of the field.

By the way, if we are dealing with the issue of burglary, we must note that unfortunately, in many cases (especially when homeowners are present in the house during the act of burglary), the burglary degenerates very quickly into a state of violent robbery. Therefore we must also discuss the most effective ways to deal with this situation regarding required products.

The function of those aids will be to respond to immediate emergency needs, with the perception that the victim is in a physical circle close to the criminal and must use means that will help immediately.

An example of this can be found in emergency buttons (some of which will not be easily visible) located in critical areas of the home and even means of self-defense (within the legal restrictions, of course). Another good example would be the maintenance of a fake safe, which will contain a few valuable things, and which with the very presence, you can take the robber to and make him think that indeed it is all you have. He has nothing more to "squeeze" from you because you have nothing more To give him.

We really do not want to stress you out, but even a first aid kit must be included with the same means. It is impossible to know how far things will go.


Little tricks.

In addition to the more "serious" measures mentioned above as tools for defending against home burglaries, you should know that there are also little tips that can help you in your efforts against this unfortunate phenomenon.

If you leave your house during the night, or even for a long time during the day, make sure that the average person who passes by your door thinks people are inside the house. You can do this by leaving lights on / TV or radio on.

There is a lot of evidence that leaving lights (or TV) on - can help you prevent burglary. Unfortunately, the same sources will also tell you that while this may help with some of them, many other burglars will still try their luck and knock on the door to see if there really is anyone in the house. Therefore, our recommendation is to combine this little tip with the technological means mentioned above, such as - a smart front door lock, which allows you to answer back to anyone who knocks from your phone even if you are on the other side of the globe.
This combination of measures can help you and drastically lower your chances of becoming home burglary fights.

Another essential trick is getting smart help from your friends and family.
Beyond the intuitive reason, there is another helpful factor here. Make sure that one of your friends or distant family members comes to the house from time to time and checks on his condition.
Let’s say you went on vacation or a business trip for a few days. Most burglars gather preliminary information before breaking into a home to understand the most ideal time and course of action. Therefore, if a family member or friend comes to your house from time to time, it will be difficult for the burglar to gather his information and prevent him from even knowing that you are on vacation. By the way, try not to post on social media about your upcoming vacation. Only between us - no one really cares, except the burglars.

You must remember that most home burglaries are done by amateurs (who in most cases are pretty desperate, which makes them very dangerous), so with your slightly deep awareness and dedicated preparation in advance - you can quite easily overcome them.

Read more here about facts and statistics regarding home burglary felony.


Home productsHome burglary is very common!


Initiated activity.

In addition to the set of tools mentioned above, you can also conduct an initiated activity that will help in your efforts to make your home safer from burglary.

1. Contacting your local police station and requesting patrols to increase police presence, and as a result, your sense of security in your neighborhood is likely to increase to some degree. Some police stations in the US even allow for an online patrol request.

You can also request additional assistance on the subject from the community police officer in your neighborhood - a police function whose job is to provide police services in the neighborhoods.

There is ample evidence showing the direct causal link between police patrols in the area and decreased crime levels.

2. If you are part of a strong community that can afford it, you can always consider hiring a private security company that will provide you with the same security services that the police can not give you due to its multitasking. You can read more here about the effect of private security agents in public spaces on crime.

So, to sum up this paragraph, burglary is the most significant felony to the issue we are discussing, and for you to make your home more protected from crime, you will have to approach it first.



2. Keep your eyes open.


Vigilance and keeping eyes open are good tactics for lots of things. And this is undoubtedly relevant regarding how to keep your home safer from crime.

For example, many pedophiles / sexual harassers are those who came to your area recently, and you or the other neighbors do not have early acquaintance with them. So make sure you know how to keep your eyes open for all kinds of new "guests" coming to your area, whether their stay will be temporary or permanent.
Improving community communication and upgrading the possibilities of conveying the messages among all community members can undoubtedly assist in these efforts.

Moreover, if we return for a brief moment to the issue of burglary, as noted above, gathering preliminary information regarding the victim of burglary is an elementary tactic for most burglars. Indeed, 65 percent of home burglars know their victims.
Therefore, keep your eyes open.


Home productsBe aware!


By the way, the potential suspect does not have to be a new resident who came to your area. This is also relevant for all kinds of "new interested people" who go and start asking questions out of the blue. The guiding principle is that you should be aware that most crimes begin with collecting preliminary information, and the more you identify it in time, the less likely you are to become a victim of crime.



3. Good habits.

Adopt good habits. Those that will help you in your efforts to create a safer environment for your home.

Habits like:

Development of good inter-family communication.

We are pretty sure you are aware that burglary is not the only crime that can be committed in the context of your home.

There are many other dangers, such as child abuse by strangers who have come to your home area for various reasons and more. In addition to the many tools we have presented so far, communication is another essential tool.

Good communication skills between you and those close to you can be the difference between maintaining a safe home environment and the complete opposite.

A good and tailored explanation for your child regarding suspicious people and a duty to report, and that they can - always, under all circumstances - tell you everything is a critical part of the efforts to keep them safe.
Make them feel as comfortable as possible to tell you about disturbing situations they may have encountered. Be aware!


Home productsCommunicate with each other!


Read more here about understanding the best ways to talk to your child about complex issues such as these.


Family checklist.

"Safety round" call him if you will.
Make sure to set up a sort of family checklist. Which will cover several safety vulnerabilities in your home. Such as: checking locks, checking the alertness and correctness of electronic security measures, a monthly conversation of one of the family members with the neighborhood police officer, and more.


Home productsA checklist that will get you on the right track

All of these will put you in a positive state of awareness and a good routine, which will help you in your efforts - to keep your home safer.



Home products



We hope this article has helped you to some extent in your efforts to keep your home safer.

And if you have come this far, please do not forget to jump to our collections page.

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