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Refresh your home from top to bottom in just four simple steps

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Refresh your home from top to bottom in just four simple steps.

And here we are again at聽Sweet blog, the sweetest blog online.

The place to be for all the "home concept" fans.

And today, we would like to discuss one of the topics relevant to most of us - home refreshment and renewal, but more importantly - how it can be achieved in just a few simple steps.

First and foremost, to move forward more coherently with our arguments later on, let's first clarify what 'freshness' is anyway and how it relates to 'home affairs.' And only then can we talk about how to achieve it.

According to the聽Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of 'freshness' is:

'the quality of being in a new, natural condition and not old or preserved by processes such as freezing.'

Intuitively, when we think of renewal and freshness, what pops into our minds is usually an image of a stunning bloom of Senecio vernalis with colorful butterflies flying overhead or a beautiful green field on a pleasant sunny day.

Renewal can also be significantly related to fragrance. One that makes us all smile slightly and inhale a pleasant and exciting smell.

In fact, you can describe the feeling of freshness and renewal by saying that you feel a sense of renewed energy. And in a good way.

'Okay, we got the renewal thing,' you're probably saying.

'But how on earth does this have anything to do with our house?'

Well, although a home refresh may sound similar to a classic home repair to some of you, it is not the same thing.

While the home repair operation mainly deals with fixing and improving the surface of the house in the functional/physical aspect, the refreshing process deals with something slightly different.

His main concern is 'feelings.' Feelings of something new and exciting. Something you have yet to encounter before. And, more importantly - something that will spice up this mentioned feeling of excitement with development and growth.

You can grant your home this refreshing vibe by doing some straightforward actions within it.

It's effortless.

And in this article, we will explain to you how.

And as always, later in the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation and a video summarizing its content for you.

'Refresh your home from top to bottom in just four simple steps.'

Hop on!

1. The obvious - renovation.

Let's face it, the first thing that comes to mind for most of us when refreshing and renewing our home comes up is a classic renovation - repairing and replacing things around the house. Either thoroughly - one that changes completely the face of our house, or something smaller. Anyway - classic renovation is usually the first association.

Luckily for you, members of our聽Sweet blog聽community, you can find all the information you need regarding the ideal renovation聽methods聽here聽on聽our blog.

Undoubtedly, there is a tremendous feeling of refreshment and renewal after completing the home renovation process. You are actually creating a home environment that is relatively new to you - and what better example of renewal is there?

And as we mentioned above, this is not necessarily a messy home renovation that should transform your house from top to bottom - even a targeted repair of several things around your house that have been neglected for a while - or renewing a specific area within your home that needs a new touch (repainting is an excellent example of this) - this will also get the job done and grant your home the desired sense of renewal.

Sweet blog
A small renovation as a big generator of freshness

The guiding principle is to carry out a repair or improvement operation within your home, leading to an improved point in the aspects you want.

Or, as the聽Cambridge聽Dictionary defines 'renovation:.'

'the act or process of repairing and improving something, especially a building.'

This action will grant you the feeling of renewal you are seeking. And as mentioned, despite the well-known saying related to home renovation matters - "Living through a home renovation is like living in the wild - you do whatever it takes to survive" - you can rest assured that, as mentioned, it can also be achieved by making a few tiny fixes - no need to go wild.

And by the way, if you think you need the help of a professional, don't do it before reading our聽article聽on the subject. It will save you a lot of headaches and money. Trust us.

2. Rearrange.

Anthea Turner once said:

'Rearranging furniture, adding some candles, or making even small tweaks can really make the difference.'

Another way to grant your home a refreshing touch is through rearranging.

'What exactly do you mean?' you must be asking.

Well, although you might be tempted to think that this is a relatively simple matter of moving things within your home from place to place, it's not - there is, as most of you well know, a massive industry behind the concept of home organization.

In a nutshell, these theories believe that how your home is organized and the placement of objects/furniture within it significantly impact your success, health, and happiness.

Starting with聽Feng Shui, through聽Vastu shastra, and ending with various home design聽methods. The guiding principle in all of them is creating a new and fresh home space that will significantly contribute to the atmosphere of renewal in your home.

Sweet blog
Move things from here to there and create a new space

And as mentioned above, there is no need to go wild. Even carrying out only initial actions related to these theories can make you feel an atmosphere of freshness within your home - quite effortlessly.

By the way, while diving into the whole Feng Shui thing, etc., check out this article from our sweet blog to learn how to create extra free space in your home.

3. Fragrance.

Helen Keller once said:

"Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles, and all the years you have lived."

Another aspect that can help you in your efforts to grant your home a feeling of refreshment and renewal is the matter of smell - Home smell.

Behavioral聽studies聽claim that smell can significantly affect your mood. And for the better.

According to brain research, smells can bring up powerful memories. Although we often tend to use pictures to remember things that happened in the past, scents can help us not forget things just as well. Check out聽this聽great article on the subject from Scientific American.

But even apart from these pompous studies, this is quite intuitively justified.

Try to remember for a second the aroma that usually surrounds you when entering a hotel lobby or another prestigious building - exactly.

Home products. Refresh your home from top to bottom
Scent has a proven ability to change your mood!

"Okay, I understood that fragrances can affect my mental state and thus positively affect the freshness of my home. But how do I actually implement this?" - You must be asking.

Well, first, you should check out the article from our sweet blog about improving your home's smell.

Secondly, we have to point out that this is a matter that is quite subjective because the pleasant smell that will cause a feeling of fresh renewal may differ from person to person.

Some will get a sense of renewal and freshness from a certain fragrance, while others will find the exact smell just plain ordinary. As mentioned, this is a subjective feeling.
Therefore, our two cents on this subject is to try to figure out - by doing a "preliminary private smell research" (as funny as it sounds) - what are the smells that will probably make you feel a sense of freshness and renewal - "and import" precisely them into your home.

And, of course, it goes without saying that this task is quite effortless to perform. Once you figure out your "refreshing scent," - just go to the nearest relevant store and get some and place them wisely in key places within your home - a piece of cake.

4. Home theme.

Another way that can help you with renewing and refresh your home without special effort is creating a home theme.聽

Please note that we are not talking about a聽home design style聽but a theme, which, according to the聽Cambridge聽Dictionary, is "the main subject of a talk, book, film, etc."

There is a significant difference between interior design style and home theme. Both act as a source from which a design method and language can be developed. But while a design style as a whole deal with the principles of visibility and the relationship between the design elements, a home design theme is an overlay for that design style that tries to highlight a specific idea.

For example, the general design style of the house may be of the 'Country' type, and the theme of a specific room may be a farm and cowboys, etc.

By creating a home design theme, you are basically refreshing your home (or a particular room, as mentioned) from the bottom up.

And it is a simple task to perform too.

If, for that matter, you have decided that you are interested in a light refresher for the children's room in your home, you can do so using a unique theme.

If your child is into, for example, throw some simple superheroes dolls around his room and paste relevant wallpaper on the wall. That's it!

The thing that is special about a design theme (and this is especially relevant for children's rooms) is The very assimilation of a 'who you are' within the physical space of the room. Something that will inevitably cause a feeling of identification and uniqueness, which will lead to freshness and renewal.

Home productsHome theme as a tool to inject your personality into your home!

Clearly, you may be dragged and find yourself investing many hours in designing a home space in the form of a particular theme - but that is not our intention in this article - we are only aiming for an utterly light occupation that does not require special effort. Therefore - Take it easy - The goal here is just to create a sense of freshness and renewal - not to Redesign the Taj Mahal.聽

After discussing what a home theme is and how to get one, it seems that the understanding of why it is a significant factor in renewal and freshness is quite intuitive - it produces new and exciting things within the walls of your home - and boy, this is definitely a refreshing and exciting thing!

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We hope this article - 'Refresh your home from top to bottom in just four simple steps'-聽 has helped you understand how to refresh and renew your home by following a few simple steps.

And if you've made it this far, remember to jump to our collections page.

What are you waiting for?

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