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Prepare your home for retirement

Prepare your home for retirement



Prepare your home for retirement.



And here we are again at Sweet blog, the sweetest blog online, and today, our article is directed to the older members of our sweety crib community.

The younger ones are also welcome to read, but when it comes to the practical level, as mentioned above, the target audience is a bit different.

Our topic for today is how to best prepare your home for retirement.


As you all know, at the end of the day, there comes a time when every person retires. Usually, it is about retiring from work.

Retirement brings with it particular challenges. Challenges are manifested, even in the home of the retiring person.

After all, the needs of a 30-year-old healthy person, who most of the day is at work and not at home, are pretty different from the needs of a person who is twice his age and who spends most of his time at home.

And those needs need to be addressed within the spaces of the home.

In this article, we will review for you the issues facing each retiring person in terms of home design. And next to them, we will also present the tips that will help you deal with those challenges.

Let's dive in.




1. Prepare yourself for an extended stay.



The classic 30-year-old, let's call him Justin from now on, is at work most of the time.

Unlike him, the 67-year-old, the subject of our article, let's call him John from now on, spends most of his time at home.

As a result of this reasonably clear insight, it is pretty clear that the house is supposed to be more prepared for a prolonged stay in John's house.

So what do we do, you might ask?

Design and organize the house to be more prepared for an extended stay.

Products and furniture intended for short-term use will be replaced with those that are more durable and suitable for long and continuous use.

The choice of home furniture should be individually tailored for its more frequent use. For example, Justin only comes home in the evening and sits on his comfortable couch in front of the TV. The time of use of the sofa is usually short and relevant until Justin decides to go to sleep, so the material from which the sofa is made is not supposed to be very durable. On the other hand, John is much more at home, and the use of his furniture in general, and the same sofa in particular, is more frequent.

This is just one example, but the guiding principle is pretty straightforward.

Create a home environment that will allow for more frequent and comfortable use for that person who is actually in his home for many more hours now that he is retired.

This is relevant for all home accessories.

If the faucet in the bath was made of not very durable material until now, its use might be more frequent, and to avoid unfortunate mishaps, it is worth replacing it with one made of more acceptable material.

This is just one example, but the guiding principle is pretty straightforward.

Create a home environment that will allow for more frequent and comfortable use for that person who is actually in his home for many more hours now that he is retired.

Furniture and other more durable home accessories suitable for more frequent use are critical factors in preparing your home for retirement.

The bottom line is that better-quality home products will help you achieve the goal presented in this section.



Home productsGood quality = durability



And by the way, there is no need to worry. If you are worried that this is too much financial expense, you can always read the article on our sweet blog that deals with this topic.




2. Comfortable and cozy.



John needs a different type of mattress for his bed than Justin.

It is also relevant to the type of sofa and kitchen chairs etc.

Read this article on matching bedding products for the elderly. For Justin, the guideline is efficiency. For John, it's a convenience. After all, he is an older person who needs to take more care of his health and comfort, so his search for related products will have a slightly different purpose. One that prioritizes the issue of comfort and physical fit.

Our recommendation for retirees is a focused search of home products after in-depth market research that will help you get through your day in more physical comfort.

Age-appropriate orthopedic products will help you a lot.

Once you understand your needs, act to address them by making wise purchases.



HomeproductsComfort is key



You are no longer as young as you used to be. Your body needs to adapt. Help him do this by furnishing and decorating the house accordingly.



3. Safety.


Perhaps the most critical issue in this article is the issue of safety.

There is a huge difference! Between Justin's (almost non-existent) safety challenges in his home and those of John (who surrounds him).

Safety hazards for the elderly in their home are a well-known issue.


Slips and falls - due to poor posture. A possible solution is home safety railings placed in places with an increased risk of falling or slipping, such as bathtubs and stairs. There are many excellent safety accessories. Check out this product, for example.

Hearing/Vision and more. Collision with objects - due to the low level of sharpness of the senses. A possible solution is to create a more prominent home space with visual aids to alert and prevent such a collision.

Poor coping with extreme cases - due to lack of speed to escape quickly from dangerous situations such as fire. Possible solution - emergency sensors that will help in need with the massive noise that will wake the elderly to leave the house. Those sensors will give them the early advantage they need. Check out this excellent article regarding a wide range of danger sensors for seniors.

Choking on food - due to less quality swallowing abilities. A possible solution is to buy such food, which is not too difficult to swallow. Moreover, there are small water tanks (with cups) available throughout the house in case of poor swallowing.

Crime and abuse - Unfortunately, the ability of an old person to deal with those who want to harm him in his home is much less than that of the young person. Possible solution - here too, sensors will help a lot in such cases. When those adults call for help immediately, their condition will improve immeasurably. Moreover, even cameras that record live to their family members are a great idea.




Home products

Safety comes first




U can Read this for more information on the subject. The guiding principle is that the design and furnishing of the retiring person's home must be such that safety considerations will be prioritized.




4. Light maintenance.



The simpler and lighter your home maintenance is, the more your daily routine will be accordingly.

The last tip for our article is crucial on the one hand, but quite abstract on the other hand, and one that leaves most of the responsibility for understanding the ways to do it - in your hands.

We are talking about producing a home space whose maintenance is as simple as possible.

It is essential to understand that the retiring person is not a young person at the peak of his power. And even though he has more free time, that does not mean it will be easy (physically) for him to fix things around the house all day.

Therefore our recommendation is to create such a home environment whose daily maintenance is as light as possible.

You can do this by using accessories and furniture that are more "simple" to use and maintain, more like IKEA than giant sophisticated and heavy retro furniture.

Take this guiding principle and move on with it - take, for example, your electrical product. Among them, the more modern ones are more straightforward to operate and maintain than those of older periods.

True, the old ones (furniture/appliances and more) were more durable to use. But there is no doubt that the investment in their maintenance is more complex and challenging and is not suitable for a retiring person. So in the cost-benefit test, it is true that the lifespan of the accessories will be shorter, but it will become less complex to maintain, and that is our goal in this section.

There are many ideas for expanding the practical expression for creating a simpler home environment to maintain. As mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, it is an abstract idea that only you will know best the most suitable ways to implement in your home.

Ask yourself the question - "After all, I am not a young person anymore. How do I make the repair and maintenance of things in my home simpler and easier, and thus make my life in my home at retirement easier?"


Home productsCreate a simple home environment to maintain

Invest a little thought into it, and we're sure you'll find more examples to help you.

We hope this article has helped you to some extent.

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