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Signs of reliability in the virtual shopping space

Signs of reliability in the virtual shopping space


Signs of reliability in the virtual shopping space.


As we promised you in our previous article, here we are again in the sweet crib blog continuing our series of articles, and this time, we will teach you how to identify the essential markers that indicate the reliability and professionalism of the online store you intend to purchase from.



1. Human touch.


In general, the Internet, in particular, and technology is moving forward at breakneck speed. Bots and applications whose essence is increased automation pop up like mushrooms after the rain.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing. On the contrary - progress is significant. I'm just pointing out that the vital thing behind the site is a human touch. And the complete absence of its symbols in the online store you go to - is not a good thing.

So what exactly to look for?

Look for quality blogs, Homer, and occasional sarcasm on the pages. Etc. All of these will increase your sense of credibility when it comes to the online store in question.


Home productsHuman touch upgrades your level of confidence in the store

2. Keep it simple.


Remember this, the more vague things are, the lower the credibility of the concept.

If I'm a genuine person behind an accurate site, selling honest service - the content on my site will be straightforward!

The Shipping policy will be clear and easy to read.

The Refund policy - is the clearest and simplest that can be.

It seems to me that you have pretty understood my intention. The images will be sharp and clear. And "Contact Us" will not have an email address like:


Home productsRemember! It should be simple.


Judge Brandeis once said that sunlight is the best disinfectant available.

Simplicity Gentlemen, simplicity.



3. Customer service.


If it takes 100 years until you get a simple email answer to a simple question you sent, it seems to me that you, too, are pretty clear that it is better to stay away from the store.

A professional website will usually have an automated chat service as soon as you enter the site, but, and this is a big but, as soon as things get a little more complex - a human representative will jump in and help you with everything you need. It is an equestrian sign of reliability and professionalism.


Home products  Good customer service is one of the most important metrics in terms of store reliability and professionalism



4. Relevant and site-specific information.


How would you feel if you asked a plumber a professional question in his field of specialization, and he would answer in the area of art?

Unprofessional.. right ..?

A professional website is required to know its professional sector well. Every question that came to your mind and that just flashed in your mind - should find a professional answer on the site.

Know your shit.

Home productsProfessionalism is the name of the game


These are (briefly) some signs that should help you choose a reliable online store to purchase from.

At Sweet Crib - unique home products - we hope to meet all the requirements presented above.
What are you waiting for? Come and take a look.



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