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The five best storage solutions

The five best storage solutions


The five best storage solutions.


And here we are again in the sweety blog, the sweetest blog online.

Today, we will review the best storage solutions for your home.

All to turn your home into a sweet and beautiful crib.



1. Designed baskets.


Decorated baskets or crates are one of the most popular storage solutions. They are made from a wide variety of materials, and since most of them come custom-made - the combination of ideas and their forms is endless.

True, their physical space is relatively small, and it is impossible to store many things in them. But still, every home also needs storage space for small items like keys, wallets, etc. Moreover, these are the things that get lost the most. Some baskets hang on the wall, and those are simply placed carefully on a wide variety of surfaces. The same thing in terms of material: some are made of timber or metal, and there are even special storage nets.


Home productsdecorative baskets are a perfect and aesthetic storage solution


Read this enriching article to get more critical information about designed baskets for your home.


2. closets.


This is probably the best-known storage option. Cabinets from a wide variety of types and different sources of manufacturing materials.

Lots of types of cabinets. Sliding wardrobes, shutter cabinets, folding door cabinets, custom cabinets, and more. Some are recessed into the walls, and those laid along the length and breadth of the room.

Also, regarding their sizes, you can find any size you ask for.


Home productsThe variety of cabinets available is huge. Do thorough research work as to your needs


As for the relevant question - what are the most appropriate good and the most suitable material for you? To tackle this question, we will need to figure out the overall design press for your home. Without this, we are missing important information. But the guideline is - to adapt the cabinets to other aspects of home design. If the plan, in general, is minimalist, make sure the closet is like that too. And regarding color and texture. In one word - adaptation!

Read this fascinating article for more important information on the subject.


3. Libraries.


Here we turn to the creative spirit that dwells deep within you. If libraries were known as a storage solution only for books, recently we have been witnessing a change in trend on the subject, and a library is an ideal storage space for other things as well. Probably since there is a wide variety of different waves of libraries, and there are some that contain only one "column."


Home productsA library as a storage solution, not just for books.


Try to adopt this idea in your home as well. Use the space that the library gives you to store items that are not very large in volume, such as summer clothes and so on.

This is an excellent idea for children's rooms Or small tools for home care.

Read this article, and you will be very educated on the matter.


4. Means of hanging.


Hooks, hangers, buckles, shackles. All of these are great storage for small items. Mostly clothes.

Today's hook industry is on an unprecedented rise, and the variety is simply out of all proportion. There are dozens of hooks from a wide variety of different materials and design ideas. See for example some of the ideas that exist in our store.


Home productsAlthough they are limited in their abilities. they are great for specific uses


As we have already mentioned, the only problem with this storage solution is that it is very limited in its capabilities.


5. Beds (And other furniture) with internal storage space.


These beds are a great idea for storing "heavy" winter blankets and clothing. By the way, it does not have to be a bed. The sofa in your living room can also be perfect for this if you buy one that does hold internal storage space.

A bed with internal storage space, and in addition, will be well designed. The only problem is that you will not be able to get everything. Usually, if you decide to go for a bed that you intend to use for storage in the first place, it will probably not be the most stylish and luxurious bed. But still, as we repeat countless times on our blog - do what is convenient for you. This is your home!

In this article, you will review a wide range of such beds.

We sincerely hope this article has helped you to some extent.

And remember, when it comes to designing your home, there is no right or wrong. Only what is right for you and what is not suitable for you.

Be authentic!

This is your home. Your crib, make it sweet - for you!


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