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The five secrets of hospitality

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The five secrets of hospitality.


And here we are again at Sweet blog, the sweetest blog online.

We hope you didn't miss us too much.

We at Sweet crib take great pride in being a platform that connects people.

Therefore, it only Makes sense that we review one of the most important issues related to the 'home concept' that also deals with human connection -Hospitality.

Although there may be a tendency not to appreciate the concept of hospitality properly, We do not think so. On the contrary, it is essential beyond a physical meeting between friends.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "True hospitality consists of giving the best of yourself to your guests."

Apart from the accurate factual description in this quote, if we dive deeper, we will notice that the principle of human connection, which we discussed above, occupies a central place.

When you host another person in your home with great kindness, you give them something tiny from 'you' that contributes to the human connection of all of us and, thus - contributes a little to making the world a better place.

Hosting folks in your home is a fun activity with many virtues.

Besides from being an excellent tool for strengthening bonding between you and your loved ones, it will also grant you a sense of satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

In this article, We will tell you all about the five tips that will turn you into the perfect host. One that will make everyone wish to be invited to brunch at their home.

And as always, at the end of the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation to summarize its content for you.

Shall we?



1. preparation.


Benjamin Franklin once said:

"failing to prepare is preparing to fail."

Like most things in life, preparation is a critical key to your success, which is doubly true when it comes to hosting.

The first and most crucial part of your preliminary preparation should ensure the total fulfillment of the three hospitality principles. Or, as we at Sweet crib usually call them: "Cco."

Applying these principles will ensure your home's preliminary preparation before guests' arrival will be ideal.

Clean and tidy - Cleanliness and orderliness - During the day, before the guest's arrival, Ensure your home is as orderly and clean as possible. Besides the well-known importance of a clean and tidy house, it will help you greet your guests properly. You can read here about practical tips that will help you clean your home.

Comfortable - Comfort is one of the essential things in life in various aspects. Home comfort is just one of them.

Although 'comfort' is a dynamic concept for each person, everyone has their own definition of it and how to achieve it. However, it can be roughly estimated that regarding her being desirable, there is a fairly broad agreement.

Therefore, You must create a homely atmosphere that will be as comfortable as possible for you and your guests. You can get here great tips on how to do it.

Odors - Diana Ackerman once said, "Nothing is more memorable than a smell."

The importance of a good home fragrance cannot be overstated. It's the first thing that accompanies everyone entering your home from the first second, Even prior to seeing something.

We have a great article about it in our sweet blog.

Make sure you do everything necessary to make your home smell good before your guests arrive (and in general). As we will see later, this is a significant part of becoming an elite host.


Home productsDo what is required to be ready


It also goes without saying that increased attention to small details is essential in each 'Cco' component.



2. Special adjustments.


Have you ever asked yourself about the 'thing' that gives the highest value to any service whatsoever?

Generally speaking, The answer is - granting uniqueness by enabling special adjustments. And the best way to do so is by getting to know your customers and their preferences.

Any beginner salesperson will tell you that providing good customer experiences tailored to the consumer's individual needs and preferences will be the most effective for your business goal's success.

Those personal adjustments made particularly for him Will make your customer feel special and even a little more confident that he is making the right decision. It also contributes to the credibility of your brand (if you are selling something).

The same applies to hospitality.

In order to become the perfect host, you must ensure that your guests feel at home as much as possible and that their personal preferences/tastes are being prioritized.

Therefore, Creating special adjustments within your home as part of the hospitality for their specific taste is highly recommended.

'How do I you do it?' You must be asking.

Well, If you are already well acquainted with your guests' preferences, you have solved half the problem. Just create a hosting framework that will be as close as possible to their taste. 

It applies to a wide variety of things. Starting with flavors, through fragrances/music, and ending with A sense of comfort in the form of cozy furniture, etc.

The problems start when you are not properly aware of their personal preferences in advance - What do they like to eat? What smells do they prefer, and what is the content of the conversations they will appreciate during their stay?

Suppose this is the case, And you are still interested in creating the perfect hospitality experience - you must do your homework and know the answers to all these questions before their arrival.


Home productsEvery person is different. Discover the particular preferences of your guests

It is the only way you can create a personalized hosting experience. One that will make them appreciate your hospitality and upgrade your hosting skills considerably.



3. Providing social content.


As most of us know, hospitality is not limited to food alone. Much more than that, its essence is creating an atmosphere of bonding among people, while doing so within the house of one of them.

Therefore, you should make an effort to increase the sociability/fellowship among your guests. And there is no better way to do this (within hosting) than refreshing social content.

It can be a refreshing quiz, truth or dare, drawing games, "Who am I?" games, Catan, Monopoly, board games, trivia, and more. Lots more.

By the way, Social content is wider than just games. It can also be a nice movie or a shared discussion circle concerning the group's particular topic of interest.


Home productsEnrich your hosting with quality social content

In order to become a hospitality master, you must take care to fill the hospitality framework with other topics besides food and drink. You will be surprised how happy it will make your guests. You can see more about it here.



4. Feelings.


Helen Keller once said: "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched."

Although the origin of the emotions is not always clear to us, still, we can roughly say which state of mind We are in following them. Are we good? Are we bad? Are we excited/anxious? and so on.

The above three tips on becoming the perfect host are pretty well known. Most people already know that they should take care of ideal preparation and make adjustments for their guests. These are pretty trivial things. But The tip in this paragraph, and the one that follows it, are our special input for you, So please pay close attention.

In order to become The perfect host, besides fulfilling his physical desires (food's taste, aromas, etc.), You must also grant him emotional satisfaction.

You need to be familiar with his hidden/desirable deep emotions and how, as hosts, you can evoke them while he stays at your house.

If for that matter, your guest is very fond of spiritual experiences, then the aroma of incense in the center of the living room and calm shamanic music may very well blow his mind (in a good way).

Let's say that his favorite design style is minimalism. Then, due to his space-loving approach, it would be wise of you to arrange the sitting area so that there is a lot of open space in front of his eyes. By doing so, you can instill in him a sense of contentment and calmness.

If you have advanced knowledge that your guest is an avid lover of classical music, It would be wise to play (dimly and quietly) some Mozart and Beethoven throughout the house. This simple action can grant him a pleasant feeling of relaxation without him even understanding where it comes from.


Home productsEmotional satisfaction is just as important as physical satisfaction

The guiding principle is that making personal adjustments to your guests' emotional wishes, and not just to their physical needs, Is the right thing to do.

It goes without saying that it is not an easy task at all. You must first do your homework and find out what their passions are.

But once you figure it out, executing it becomes more straightforward.
Due to the sensitivity of dealing with the feelings (of others), You must understand that the tip in this paragraph is quite delicate and requires a thorough understanding. Please give it a lot of thought before trying to implement it.



5. Your special thing.


There is an old saying attributed to Coco Chanel:

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."

Look, there are more than enough ordinary people/phenomena worldwide. And, yes, also ordinary hosts.

To be the best, you have to be a little different. We hinted at this briefly in paragraph number 4.

Try to bring your "special thing" to the hospitality experience.

Although we are quite aware that it is a somewhat vague concept, We still believe that if most of us take a deep look into it for a moment, We will understand the essence of this vague recommendation.

Each of us has a specific personality stamp unique only to him. Your task is to create a reality in which after John or Melissa walk out the door of your house. They will stop for a second at the doorstep and wonder while mumbling with satisfaction: "Wow, I don't know exactly what it is, but I only have this thing here."


Home productsGive them your personal and special touch

By the way, it is not guaranteed that they even knew what this thing was that they cherished so much.

As a paraphrase of the quote from Helen Keller at the beginning of the previous paragraph:
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched."
We will add the following:
"it can only be felt for a few vague and magical seconds."

In the end, everyone can prepare a good meal\make special adjustments for their guests\make fun board games - But if you want to become a Hosting wizard, you have to serve a little of "yourself" and make sure that when the "customer" leaves your house, he stays with the unique taste you gave him. One he can't get anywhere else.

In conclusion, if you are one of those looking to upgrade their home hosting skills, this article has helped you to some extent.


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