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U Can

T R U S T  


F r e e   S h i p p i n g   O n   A l l   O r d e r s !

Rainproof PVC garden tarpaulin

F a m i l y   O w n e d   &   O p e r a t e d

Rainproof PVC garden tarpaulin



The best Rainproof PVC garden tarpaulin!


Quality cover for your plants is essential if you are interested in a garden with a high standard.


We challenge you to find and compare our prices and quality against other stores!
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Another special one from our Garden Decorations collection.





Sail Material:PVC


Features: Extra-thick soft PVC rainproof cloth, good waterproof effect, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, high strength, can be used repeatedly.

Sail Finishing:PVC Coated.

Rainproof PVC garden tarpaulin.



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Sweet crib Tarpaulin Rainproof garden Tarpaulin
Rainproof PVC garden tarpaulin

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