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How To Protect Your Home From Crime?

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How to keep your home safe from criminal activity?




How To Protect Your Home From Crime?



And here we are again at the sweet blog, the sweetest blog online.

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Today, we're shifting our focus from the usual core home design issues to something equally important: Equipping you with the knowledge to keep your home safe from criminal activity. This shift is crucial as it empowers you to take control of your home's security.

While we may be stepping slightly outside our familiar comfort zone, we're still firmly rooted in the 'Home Concept' you're all familiar with. This reassures you we're not straying too far from our core theme.

This article will list the most effective ways to deal with everyday crime challenges, such as burglary, vandalism, and home invasion, directly or indirectly related to your home.


As always, later in the article, a refreshing infographic presentation and a video summarizing its content will be presented to you.


'Checklist For Securing Your Home. - How To Protect Your Home From Crime?'

Stay tuned.




1. The Most Common - Burglary.



British journalist Miles Kington once said:


"Astronomers, like burglars and jazz musicians, operate best at night."


Unfortunately, in the context of domestic crime, burglary is the most common felony. Therefore, it is the first one we will discuss.

Home burglary is a serious and very common felony. In some cases, it even degenerates into much more severe 'stuff' than just property theft, such as physical injury and murder.

To give you some general idea about the sheer scale of this phenomenon, we will note that in the US alone, the annual average of home burglaries is a bit over a million!

Besides the severe financial harm, these felony victims may suffer consequential and far-reaching psychological damages.


A well-known saying is:

"A man's home is his fortress."


The inner meaning behind this quote is that a person's home should serve as his 'Safe place' - an escape zone from his daily difficulties - where he feels most comfortable and peaceful.

Considering the above, one can truly grasp the profound impact of a break-in on the sanctity and personal space of the victim.

Home burglary victims say they intuitively feel some desecration of their private place. Without proper care, anxiety about being left alone or leaving their home may accompany them from here on out. In fact, according to recent statistics, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the United States, highlighting the urgent need for effective home security measures.

With this in mind, you might be wondering, 'What steps can I take to fortify my home and ensure its security?'

That's why we're here.


Technological Means.


You will surely be happy to hear that the home security products market is Booming!


Remote monitoring using security cameras.

Cameras with Wi-Fi that record and upload to the cloud.

Sophisticated alarms with touch and volume detectors.

Video doorbell.

Door Locks with Bluetooth technology.

Smartphone-controlled sensors.

Smart lock (based on face/voice/fingerprint recognition).

'Smart' lighting (functions as a sensor and detector).


Those are just a tiny part of the technological home protection means out there.

You can read more here about the latest home security gadgets for 2024.


The home security market is dynamic and constantly changing. You must understand the specific needs of your home environment and implement them wisely.

Of course, there are the "older" and more traditional tools - thick bars made of solid metals/heavy bolt locks/large and heavy metal doors, Etc. 

By the way, you will be surprised to hear that those "Older" home safety measures such as heavy metal and simple bars are the ones that will cause the modern burglar - who is preparing himself to deal with technological safety measures - The most trouble.

We are not claiming he can not overcome those safety measures - he certainly can. But the loud noise and effort involved in dealing with them (there are no magic buttons there; heavy metal needs to be sawn) might divert him toward another victim. 


keep your home safe from criminal activityUse advanced means!


Studies show that technological home security products can significantly reduce the rate of home burglaries.

Therefore, when discussing how to protect your home from crime, we must set aside an essential section related to technological means - they are the future of the field.

By the way, when dealing with burglary, we must note that, unfortunately, in many cases (especially when homeowners are present during the actual burglary), it can degenerate very quickly into a state of violent robbery. Therefore, we must address these unfortunate scenarios as well.

Those Safety means/products aim to respond to immediate emergency needs - Assuming the victim and the intruder are at a highly close physical distance and significant damage is a matter of a few seconds.

A good example can be found in emergency buttons (some of which will not be easily visible) located in critical areas within your house and even means of self-defense (within the legal restrictions).


Another good tip would be the maintenance of a fake safe, which will contain a few valuable things and which, with her very presence, can make the intruder think that, indeed, it is all you own and he has nothing more to "squeeze" out of you since you have nothing more To give.

We do not want to stress you out, but even a first aid kit must be included among these means. It's impossible to know how far things will go.



Little Tricks.


Alongside the more 'serious' measures, it's important to note that simple tips and tricks can significantly bolster your efforts against home burglaries. These strategies, when implemented effectively, can empower you to protect your home from this unfortunate phenomenon:


If you plan to leave your house for the night or even for a long time during the day, ensure that the average person who passes by your door will think there are people inside. This can be easily accomplished by simple measures like leaving lights on, keeping a radio or TV on, and using timers to control these devices.

A lot of evidence suggests that leaving lights (or TV) on can help prevent burglary. Unfortunately, the same sources will also tell you that while this may help with some of them, many other burglars will still try their luck and knock on your door to see if anyone is inside. Therefore, we recommend combining this little tip with the technological means such as a 'Smart' front door lock, which transmits to your cell phone and allows you to answer back to anyone who knocks from your phone even if you are on the other side of the globe.

This combination of measures can help you drastically lower your chances of becoming a home burglary victim and thus protect your home from crime.


One of the most effective tricks is to enlist the help of your trusted friends and family. Their occasional visits can provide a reassuring presence and significantly deter potential burglars.

Ensure one of your friends or distant family members comes to your house occasionally to check on his condition.

Suppose you went on vacation or a business trip for a few days. Most burglars gather preliminary information before breaking in to understand the ideal time and course of action. Therefore, If a family member or friend drops by your house occasionally, Things will be much more complicated for the burglar to gather preliminary information properly. By the way, try not to post about your upcoming vacation on social media. Just between us, no one cares (except the burglars...).


It's crucial to remember that most home burglaries are committed by amateurs, often driven by desperation. By maintaining a heightened awareness and taking proactive measures, you can easily outsmart them and protect your home.

You can read more here about facts and other statistics regarding home burglary felony, such as the most common entry points for burglars, the average time it takes for a burglary to occur, and the items most frequently targeted by burglars.




Initiated Activity.


The French general Charles de Gaulle once said:


"Never relinquish the initiative."


In addition to the set of tools mentioned above, you can also conduct an initiated activity that will help with your efforts to protect your home from crime/burglary:

1. Contact local police stations and request that patrols be added to increase police presence in your neighborhood. As a result, your sense of security in your neighborhood will likely increase to some degree. Some police stations in the US even allow for an online patrol request.

Evidence shows the direct causal link between police patrols and decreased crime levels.

You can also request additional assistance from the 'Community police officer' in your neighborhood - a police function that provides community-oriented police services within the neighborhoods.

2. If you are part of a strong community that can afford it, you can always consider hiring a private security company that will provide you with security services the police cannot offer due to its multitasking. You can read more here about the effect of private security agents in public spaces on crime.

So, to sum up, burglary is the most significant felony when answering the question of how to protect your home from crime.




2. Keep Your Eyes Open.


Awareness and keeping your eyes open are good tactics for many things, particularly for protecting your home from crime.

For example, many pedophiles/sexual harassers are characterized by a sudden arrival in a particular residential area, and there is a big chance you or other neighbors do not have early acquaintance with them.

Therefore, make sure to keep your eyes open for all kinds of new 'guests' coming to your area, whether their stay will be temporary or permanent.

Improving community communication and upgrading the possibilities of conveying messages among all community members can assist with these efforts.

Moreover, returning for a brief moment to the issue of burglary, as noted above, gathering preliminary information regarding victims is an elementary strategy for most burglars. Indeed, 65 percent of home burglars know their victims in advance.

Therefore, keep your eyes open.


Be aware!


By the way, the potential suspect does not have to be a new resident who came to your neighborhood to live in. It is also relevant for all kinds of newbies who show up and start asking questions out of the blue. The guiding principle is to be aware that most crimes begin with collecting preliminary information, and the sooner you notice suspicious things, The less likely you are to become a victim of crime.


3. Good Habits.

Adopt good habits. Those that will help you in your efforts to create a safer environment for your home.

Habits like:

Development Of Good Inter-Family Communication.


We are pretty sure you are aware that burglary is just one of many crimes that can be committed in the context of your home.

There are many other dangers, such as child abuse by strangers who have come to your home area for various reasons. In addition to the many tools we have presented, Communication is another essential one.

Good communication skills between you and those close to you can differentiate between maintaining a safe home environment and the complete opposite.

A friendly and tailored explanation for your child regarding suspicious people and the duty to report, and that they can - always, under all circumstances - tell you everything, is a critical part of the efforts to keep them safe.

Make them feel as comfortable as possible to tell you about disturbing situations they may have encountered.

Be aware! And thus - protect your home from crime!

You can read more here about the best ways to talk to your child about sensitive issues.


Family Checklist.


"Safety Routine," call it if you will.

Set up a house checklist to cover several safety vulnerabilities within your home. For example, check locks, check the alertness and correctness of electronic security measures, have one family member talk to the neighborhood police officer monthly, and more.



A checklist that will get you on the right track

All of the above will put you in a good position of awareness, which will help you in your efforts to answer the question - How can one protect his home from crime?


Infographic for How To Protect Your Home From Crime?


We hope this article - 'How To Protect Your Home From Crime?' - has helped you to some extent in your efforts to keep your home safer. And if you have any more questions on the matter, please feel free to reach out.



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