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    My Dream Home

    • person Shai Cohen
    My Dream Home


    My Dream Home.


    And here we are again at Sweet Blog, the sweetest blog online.

    The place to be for all fans of the 'Home concept.' 


    The ancient theologian Thomas Aquinas once said:

    The things that we love tell us what we are.


    Personal taste is indeed an elusive thing that reflects a person's character and passions.


    Today, we will grant you, members of our sweet community, a light glimpse into our own lives and intimate preferences regarding home design, which is well known as an expression of particularly sensitive and personal issues.

    In the following lines, we will do our best to illustrate how our ideal home 'Feels' and how we prefer it to be designed and looked. 

    In contrast to the nature of our sweet blog, which deals mainly with practical recommendations from the field of 'Home Decor,' the following lines will only present our own personal preferences, which are just as good as anyone else's. If it works for you, try using them as inspiration.


    As always, later in the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation and a video summarizing its content for you.


    'My Dream Home.'

    Hop on!




    1. Preferred Design Style.


    If you are an existing member of our sweet community, there is no further need to introduce you to the current home design styles out there. And if you are not, firstly, we would love for you to become one. Secondly, please read the relevant article from our sweet blog for an in-depth explanation of the subject.

    And now, back to our topic - Our Dream Home.

    Our Dream Home is characterized by simple, uncluttered spaces with clean lines and a lack of fussiness - Better known as the 'modern style.'

    Our Dream Home is full of free space, not in the sense of emptiness and size, but in the sense of a 'clean' and spacious visual space reminiscent of a free spirit that is not limited by time or place.

    In our mind's eye, we are chilling on a white armchair in the center of the living room, surrounded by a 'clean' white space free of conflicts, looking at the complete absence of fussiness reflected from every corner of the house and any design cut.

    A refreshing breeze comes in every now and then, gently moving the white curtains and allowing the sun's healing rays to enter. 

    Reminiscent of the prophet Malachi's words (Malachi 4:2-4 King James Version) - 'Shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings.'

    There are not a large number of 'things' around the house. The furniture and other familiar home objects do exist but fulfill their function in the minimum necessary way. 


    Dream homeThe Modern design style is the one for us



    It turns out then that our dream home is based on modern design concepts combined with a bit of minimalism aimed at instilling a sense of peace and serenity.

    The perfect springboard to the next paragraph.



    2. Emotions.


    The beloved Helen Keller once said:

    The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.


    Another (and essential) aspect of our 'Dream Home' is feeling and emotions.


    Although we all prefer 'Good' and beneficial emotions/sensations, which can positively affect our mood, naturally, each person has their own preferred state of mind.

    In our case, it is Quietude.

    The 'Quiet Mind concept,' during which the brain stops imagining narratives/ideas/scenarios and simply ceases his Chatter.

    And don't get the wrong idea - We are not talking about the classic sense of peace or calm - Which practically shifts your mood to the optimistic and happy realms - The 'Quiet Mind concept' It's pretty different.

    Try to think of it as a movie scene:

    A patient is lying in a hospital bed, in critical condition. Suddenly, Unfortunately, He passed away. Do you remember the display of the heart rate monitoring screen?

    Exactly - a straight line.



    dream home
    Mind - a home design that turns it off


    That's exactly how we prefer our brain within our home - a straight line without chatter.

    Not happy thoughts on the one hand and not anxieties on the other. Nada - a straight line.

    As shown above, the design style explained in detail in paragraph one is the first way to do so. The second one is to create a peaceful atmosphere within your home.

    Since your home is one of the most significant sources of stability in your life, there is no doubt that the 'Quiet Mind concept' fits in well.





    3. Physical Sensations.


    It goes without saying that physical sensations are also a significant part of any 'Dream Home' components.

    Quite similarly to what was noted above, here, too, the desired physical sensation within our home is 'muscle relaxation.'


    You may be surprised to hear, but this is a genuine 'thing' with a comprehensive scientific expression and even serious training techniques.

    Muscle tension is a natural physical reaction of the human body due to feelings of tension, stress, and fear.

    It's not an emotional/mental matter but rather an actual physical pain expressed in stiffness and a feeling of high muscle tension. The method/technique to deal with this is 'Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR).'

    The preferred physical sensation within our Dream Home is extensive muscle relaxation. One that takes the 'straight-line' mentioned above (the one that expresses the silence prevailing within the mind) and reflects it physically.

    You may call it 'Numbness' or 'Torpidness,' but the guiding principle will remain the same - a feeling of muscular relaxation.

    Although it's pretty clear this physical condition also positively affects your mood, we deliberately won't dive into this issue since this paragraph focuses on bodily sensations only and not mental aspects.



    my dream homeA physical feeling of relaxation


    Although muscular tension relaxation is, as mentioned above, a 'Real' scientific condition with 'fancy' medical criteria, we are still pretty sure that most people already know what causes them to feel physical relaxation and what increases their senses of stiffness and muscular tension. It's indeed an individual matter.



    4. Step by Step.


    So, after specifying our favorite design style and revealing the ideal physical and emotional sensations we seek in our home, it's time to take you on a step-by-step guided imaginary tour within our Dream Home.




    Morning has a special effect on us.

    It symbolizes renewal/refreshment and a sense of new life. And to be revealingly honest for a moment, We not only like these sensations - We find them fascinating.


    After getting out of bed and taking care of all morning hygiene matters, we head towards the kitchen, which is designed in a minimalist style, to drink a big glass of warm water with a lemon slice, And only then make a cup of coffee.


    Now, about that coffee, a whole sacred ritual is involved with it:

    In the living room - which, as mentioned above, will be designed in a modern style with maximum penetration of sun rays - we will comfortably chill on our old armchair towards the backyard and slowly sip our hot coffee while reading something related to personal empowerment (We highly recommend the amazing Byron Katie). Short breathing exercises will also be involved in the process.

    After the coffee ritual, we will walk lightly - while passing our cute and white corridor, which displays wallpapers and small eclectic-style accessories - towards our serenity room, where we will meditate for about ten minutes.


    dream homeWin the morning - win the day!


    Please check out this article for more details about our home morning routine.




    The famous Uruguayan journalist Eduardo Galeano once said:

    From 8 a.m. until noon, I am pessimistic. Then, from 1 p.m. until 4, I feel optimistic.


    Mid-day is the heart of the day - The time at which the 'things' that move our world/economy take place.

    Therefore, it is only natural that midday within our Dream Home will reflect design efficiency and functionality.

    During this time, you can usually find us in our home office, diligently working on improving everything needed for our sweet community.


    sweet blogNoon hours as the center of the day

    Our home office is designed in such a way that allows for an extended and pleasant stay. Design spacing for efficiency is our midday bread and butter.




    Considering everything mentioned above regarding the extensive connections between our Dream Home and our state of mind, we must point out that the twilight hours of the evening, which symbolize relaxation from the day's hustles, are the most significant ones concerning the role of our 'Dream Home' in question.

    At the end of the late afternoon hours, which will usually be devoted to physical training in our home gym, the evening hours, on the other hand, will be dedicated mainly to relaxation and the things we love. It's a kind of 'Cheat Time' for life's little pleasures.

    In our mind's eye, we see ourselves relaxing on the sofa in our spacious modern-style living room, watching our favorite TV series while sipping a glass of fine red wine.



    dream homeEvening-home time for relaxation


    Not too long after the comforting glass of wine, our day will come to an end in our Scandinavian-style bedroom.

    The Scandinavian style is a sophisticated combination of minimalism, functionality, and simplicity. Everything is in one place. You can read more about it here.


    Another noteworthy sacred principle within our bedroom is... no Screens!!

    No phones, no TV, no tablets, etc. NADA!

    Besides the health risk of exposure to the 'blue light' that radiates from those devices, we find them highly distracting and time wasters. And that's without even going into the issue of the damage caused by the sophisticated social media algorithms that make you keep scrolling and scrolling endlessly without purpose...



    infographic My Dream Home


    Without even noticing, our day just ended. And we're about to fall asleep.

    Thank you so much for being with us on the guided tour of our dream home.


    We hope this article - 'My Dream Home' - helped you to a certain extent to connect a bit more with the topics we write about. And if you have any more questions on the matter, please feel free to reach out.


    If you've made it this far, don't forget to jump into our collections page.


    What are you waiting for?


    For more fascinating and informative home design articles, visit our sweet blog and subscribe to our sweet community.




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