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Diamonds 3D triangles stickers mirror

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Diamonds 3D triangles stickers mirror.



The perfect Diamonds 3D triangle sticker mirror for your home!

Another great one from our Decorative mirrors collection.



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 Specification: Multi-piece Package


1. Mirror wall stickers will cause an amplifying illusion of greater space size, and the slightly distorted reflection can enable funny looks for self-entertainment.
2. Eco-friendly acrylic mirror surface is nicely enhanced in 1mm thickness and well protected by transparent film.
3. Strong adhesives at the back of the sticker, you can easily paste it on a completely clean, flat, and smooth surface with long-lasting performance with less dropping off risks.
4. Flexible to make different complete combination effects according to your demands, effortlessly decorate your home with fashion and stunning looks.
5. Extremely lightweight and shatter-proof for enhanced quality and operation safety, not hurt your delicate skin, easy to install on your own.


Material: Acrylic
Thickness: 1mm comes with adhesive
Completion Size S: 50*50cm
Completion Size M:50*100cm
Completion Size L:100*100cm
Quantity: S (17pcs)/ M (32pcs)/L (58Pcs)

Product size display:

1 set of 100x100cm 58pcs suitable for a wall surface area of 1 square meter
1 set of 50x100cm 32pcs suitable for a wall surface area of 0.5 square meter
1 set of 50x50cm 17pcs suitable for a wall surface area of 0.25 square meters


Best triangles stickers mirror!








When you first receive it, there will be a protective film on the surface, which is hazy like a fog. After the protective film is removed, it will be a bright mirror.


Diamonds 3D triangles stickers mirror.


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