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    F r e e   S h i p p i n g   O n   A l l   O r d e r s !

    Handmade vintage glass candlestick

    F a m i l y   O w n e d   &   O p e r a t e d

    Handmade vintage glass candlestick

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    Clear TwoRing
    Orange String
    Pink TwoRing
    Pink OneRing
    Blue TwoRing
    Clear String
    Green TwoRing
    Blue String
    Green OneRing
    Orange TwoRing
    Blue OneRing
    Orange OneRing
    Clear OneRing

    Handmade, vintage glass candlestick.



    The perfect vintage glass candlestick for your living room!

    Another special one from our Decorative Storage & Baskets collection.


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    Style: Classic Style

    Material: glass

    Matching Candle: Stick

    Colors: Clear/Green/Orange/Black/



    Best Handmade vintage glass candlestick!


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    Handmade romantic vintage glass candlestick
    Handmade vintage glass candlestick

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