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    A Home That Supports Family Bonding

    • person Shai Cohen
    Home as a center for family activities


    A Home That Supports Family Bonding.



    And here we are again at the sweet blog, the sweetest blog online.

    The place to be for all fans of the 'Home concept.'


    And today, we plan to discuss a topic that may concern many of you. Especially the parents among you:

    How to make your home a center for a unifying and beneficial family activity?


    The issue has become more relevant since Covid brought most of us physically back into our homes and family space for a certain period of time.

    But even regardless of COVID-19, Due to clear social reasons, the claim about wanting to turn our home into an environment that supports family bonding - and thus slightly neutralizes some family members' desire to seek fun and excitement outside the house's confines - is often heard. Therefore, Establishing a home that supports such family bonding is essential for various reasons.


    As always, later in the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation and a video summarizing its content for you.


    'A Home That Supports Family Bonding.'

    Hop on.






    1. Invest In Your Living Room (And Make It Relevant).



    The British designer Terence Conran once said:

    The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease - temple of the soul


    Our first tip is to fulfill the original purpose of the living room as a meeting/Gathering space for the whole family.


    The original meaning of the - "Living room concept" - is a room intended to be used for ordinary social purposes.

    Understanding this rationale makes it easier to grasp the room's purpose - A place intended for family members to gather and conduct close social activities.

    It becomes even more valid in light of the 'cold' distance between family members in the modern era.

    A cold distance originates due to technological progress that radically characterizes our times. One that causes most family members to get "stuck" and isolated within their rooms, endlessly looking at their phone screens with bleary eyes. Thus, the frequency of family gatherings decreases in quality and quantity. Read this interesting 'Guardian' article on the subject.

    Therefore, the first step in the process of restoring your living room to its original purpose - and thereby fulfilling your goal to establish a home that supports family bonding - will be to set a standard meeting/gathering family time - in your living room - with None of you carrying electronic devices.

    It is also highly recommended to turn your living room - design-wise - into an attractive and comfortable place to "attract" family members to spend more time in it.

    It can be easily done in various ways; some will involve purchasing 'inviting' accessories/furniture (Those your guests will find attractive), and some will require a (particular) redesign.

    The guiding principle is to make your living room cozy and homely. By doing so, you will notice more frequent family members' gatherings within your living room, and thus, your goal of - making your home more friendly for family activities - will be achieved.


    Gather happily in your living room



    You can also read more hereabout ways to easily upgrade your living room.



    2. Tools For Family Bonding.


    Another great tip that will help you make your home one that supports family bonding is a shared entertaining family activity.

    Social games, karaoke nights, Shared cooking activities, family meals for no particular reason, tea meetings, and more.

    These are compelling and vital tools that will help your family bond.

    Please read this article for further expansion on the subject.


    Increasing family bonding within your home walls will, directly and indirectly, can make your home much more pleasant to live in. Thus - despite the temptations regarding going out - you will create an excellent home-based alternative.

    Like everything else in life, it's a matter of supply and demand. If your product (for that matter - the social activity you will conduct within your home) is interesting and exciting enough, there will be a demand.



    Family bonding is vital


    The guiding principle is this - You must make your family members prefer the in-house social activity over the one they may find outside. Doing so can turn your home into a center for pleasant family activities.




    3. Talk It Out.


    An ancient Chinese scholar once said:

    'Talk, and you shall be redeemed.'


    If, by any chance, you are looking at this line with a slightly confused look, it's because you are right - no Chinese scholar said such a thing. We just made it up. But the guiding principle is still valid - good talk helps with almost everything!


    One of the main reasons for some family members' increased desire to participate in social activities outside their homes is the potential discomfort they may feel while staying AT home.

    It is especially true for teens and children, who, due to lack of communication, will not tell their parents or other family members about the reasons keeping them away. And so, as a direct and natural result, the home's status as a center for social activity/bonding will be harmed.

    And since this article aims to understand how to establish a home that supports family bonding, We will offer our two cents on the matter:

    First, the best way to deal with this sort of challenge is with the help of good communication skills.

    Talk it out! and try to understand the reasons that keep them away from your supportive family environment.

    Significant evidence shows the correlation between good communication between family members and a healthy and positive family life.

    Suppose you feel that one of your family members is being a bit distant all of a sudden; try to talk to him about it. You will be amazed to hear how a simple conversation can solve complex issues.

    By doing so, you will achieve several important goals at once. One (and most important) is helping your close family member with an unpleasant challenge that he apparently experienced; the second is the one that is more relevant to our articles - making your home a center for social and family bonding.


    Another essential point to realize in this context is identifying such "Distancing states" at the right time. And not long after they have already occurred when the damage has already been done.

    Here, too, the key to early detection is attention and communication. You should always try to understand what your significant other is going through, and if you have noticed the slightest change - take action.


    Home as a center for family activitiesSpeak, as a family unit



    More great tips for that "early detection" can be found here.



    4. Put Some Fun In It.


    We are pretty sure you are already aware of the following insight, so we'll just remind you:

    Sherd 'family-Fun' is one of the best ways to increase family bonding and can significantly assist you in establishing a home environment that supports family bonding.

    Although the means mentioned above (board games and so on) are also known for their ability to be 'fun,' In this paragraph, we refer to something other than this type of 'fun.' - one who is involved with a loud laugh and a huge smile.

    Real family fun includes aspects similar to those that exist when going out to a restaurant or club/pub.

    Imagine it as a family night out at a good restaurant. Try to feel the sensations, experiences, and sounds. And then - Drums!! - change the 'Destination' a bit and implement those sensations within your home.


    There are many examples of such home activities:

    A house party, friends' evenings, poker evenings (for the adults among you), joint viewing (including special drinks and food) at an important TV event such as sports games or concerts. Drinking (moderate drinking - Don't get carried away.) alcohol with friends and family and having some fun.



    Celebrate inside



    The examples are multiple, but the guiding principle is to take the "Fun" activity you usually do outside and create an in-house replication.
    By doing so, your efforts to establish a home environment that supports family bonding will progress significantly. 


    Infographic for A Home That Supports Family Bonding


    We hope this article - 'A Home that Supports Family Bonding' - has helped you handle this issue properly. And if you have any more questions on the matter, please feel free to reach out.



    By the way, if you have come this far, please jump into our collections page.

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