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    Design A Weight-Loss-Friendly Home

    • person Shai Cohen
    How to create a home environment that will help you lose weight?


    Design A Weight-Loss-Friendly Home.



    And here we are again at Sweet Blog, the sweetest blog online.

    The place to be for all fans of the 'Home Concept.'


    And today, with the upcoming summer, which brings with it many opportunities for you to show off your shapely body (and if you do not have one, then the following article is even more relevant), we decided to positively respond to the many requests from our sweet community and write an article on how to design A weight loss friendly home.


    Disclaimer: Although we are certainly not nutrition/body toning experts, we still know a thing or two about 'Home design' and its various effects. And since your home is the place containing most of your food on the one hand and where you spend a considerable amount of your time on the other - We've taken the liberty to advise you on the matter.

    Our main intention is to clarify that certified nutritionists are the go-to for any questions about nutrition and health. We’re just here to express our two cents concerning the interface point of these principles with home design.


    In this article, we will introduce you to the various ways — some of which are related to aspects of home design and some to elements of an organization and even home psychology (yes, there is such a concept) — which, with their help, you can turn your home into a supportive environment for weight loss procedures.

    As usual, we will present more than one tip. Feel free to take the ones that are most relevant to you.


    And as always, later in the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation and a video summarizing its content for you.


    'Design A Weight Loss Friendly Home?'

    Hop on!



    Table of Contents



    1. It's All Starts At The Grocery Store.



    the American actress and filmmaker Elizabeth Banks once said:

    People ask me how I stay thin, and I'm like, 'When you go to the grocery store, buy more bananas than cookies


    Although it will probably sound pretty trivial, it’s a simple truth.

    Before diving into the intra-home tactics regarding designing a weight loss-friendly home, we must start with the external sources from which our food comes in the first place — The grocery store.

    In order to turn your home into a more supportive weight loss environment, the first rule of thumb is to ensure only the proper nutrients get inside.

    ‘But how do I do that?’ You must be asking.


    Well, We thought you would never ask.

    We are big fans of two elements:

    The first is consultation with professionals, and the second is customization to each person’s needs.

    Let’s face it: The field of body toning is enormous, and there are many different and contradictory opinions. Unfortunately, many unprofessional charlatans can do you more harm than good. Some may even argue that those “Experts" Using Evidence-Based Nutrition Strategies to Manipulate Physique. Our point is we don’t really know anything for sure. Therefore, consulting with a professional who has thoroughly (and preferably academically) studied this field is essential.

    And by the way, rest assured, this is not the place to try saving money. Your health is much more critical (and expensive). So if the choice is between a professional (who wants money for his services, and rightfully so) and someone dubious and cheaper — the choice is clear. You can read more here about the essential importance of consulting a nutritionist.

    Therefore, the first thing you need to do is go and meet a nutritionist who will analyze your specific condition and then advise you on which food ingredients you should or should not bring into your home.



    HOME PRODUCTS Know what to buy at the grocery store!


    Once you have figured out which food products are supposed to enter your house and which are not, it’s time to get to know the most significant lady in the world of tactics - Mrs. Discipline.

    Mrs. Discipline has one prominent uniqueness - She gets things done.

    Although we all love to talk about the things we want to improve in our lives. Still, most of us will not uncompromisingly do what is necessary to make it happen. Only some people are built for it.

    The Marines say:

    Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.


    You must be strong, as you may be tempted to do otherwise.

    Please stick to the nutritionist’s instructions and purchase only those specific products he approved.

    We are talking about a challenging behavior change to adopt. Your nutritionist will probably sanction bringing home ice cream and trans-fat-dripping pizzas. Let’s not deceive ourselves. There is no doubt that healthy and lean food is less delicious (by the way, humbly accepting this insight is very helpful). Still, you must be mentally strong enough to succeed in this challenge.


    And now, when your home contains only the 'right' food products for your weight loss process, you can move on to the next tip in our - 'Design A Weight Loss Friendly Home' - list.




    2. Location And Accessibility.


    An ancient Chinese scholar once said:

    “You can not eat what is not physically near you.”


    Okay, okay, you’re right. No Chinese scholar has ever said such a thing, and We've just made that up. Still, our point is quite clear — the way your food will be accessible throughout your home has tremendous importance on your weight loss efforts.

    Food products contributing to your weight loss efforts must be easily accessible. For example, bowls of fruits and vegetables are supposed to be deliberately spread throughout the house, and all that is required is to reach out and take one. The simpler the act of getting weight loss-supportive foods, the more effective your efforts will be with your home weight loss-supportive environment.

    By the way, the same goes for the opposite — Ensure “Problematic” food is stored in places with a certain access restriction.

    You can read more here about access to foods that support healthy eating patterns.


    HOME PRODUCTS Bring the good foods close to you!


    Some helpful tips and tricks:

    1. As mentioned above, spread fruit and vegetable bowls around your house. Make them reachable.

    2. Place many water bottles — which have been proven to support weight loss — in several key places around the house.

    3. Buy a small refrigerator containing lean food, and place it by your bed or sofa. So whenever you crave a snack, you can take a vegetable or something else from this accessible fridge instead.


    Consider it as putting a cookie jar in a high cupboard so your child will have a hard time getting there. Deep down, we are all just kids.


    Doing so will be a great help in your effort to design a weight-loss-friendly home.



    3. A Particular Area For Physical Activity. 


    Countless studies have demonstrated the close link between exercise and weight loss. Therefore, it only makes sense to mention it as one of the trivial elements in this article.

    Creating a space within your home for physical activity would be best. — One where you can exercise regularly.

    You are more than welcome to read the article from our sweet blog about how to do it right.

    It would help if you also acquired a (preferably digital) weight, which you can weigh yourself weekly and thus examine your progress thoroughly.



    HOME PRODUCTS Exercise and lose weight!


    Here, too, discipline is the keyword.

    Do as much as possible to ensure the place fulfills its purpose - A Space dedicated to daily training.




    4. Mental Toughness.



    There is a famous saying among the Marines:

    Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die

    The weight loss process is not easy, and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you something.

    To get through this process successfully, you need all the mental help you can get. Moreover, Due to its many effects, you may find yourself dealing with mental challenges popping up out of nowhere, ones you didn't see coming. You can read more about it here.

    Try to find ways to help you get mental reinforcements for this endeavor.


    'And how is my home supposed to fit into this effort?' You must be asking.


    Well, Just be creative!

    Are you familiar with the phrase "a picture worth a thousand words?"

    For example, many motivational catalysts can be hung as decorations and pictures throughout your house, and you can mentally benefit from seeing them in times of difficulty.

    Think about the moment you wake up in the morning and walk toward the bathroom. Wouldn't a beautiful mural in the hallway with a quote that touched the depths of your soul will be able to inspire you to persevere in your weight loss efforts ?!

    There are many examples. But The guiding principle is to find visual aids and home decoration accessories that can ignite the spark of motivation within you.

    No doubt, strengthening your mental toughness will help you a lot with designing a weight-loss-friendly home.


    HOME PRODUCTS Home accessories that will illustrate mental encouragement


    Everyone has their own flame lighter. The things that will work for you will not necessarily work for another person, so there is no point in giving more examples.

    Please do your best to figure out what works best for you and Implement it within your house as a visual aid.



    Infographic for Design A Weight-Loss-Friendly Home


    We hope this article - Design A Weight Loss Friendly Home - has helped you to some extent with your efforts in this area. And in case you have more questions please feel free to reach out.



    If you’ve gotten this far, please do not forget to drop by our collections page.

    What are you waiting for?



    For more fascinating and informative home design articles, visit our sweet blog and subscribe to our sweet community.


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