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Home Is Where The Heart Is-Meanings And Insights

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Home Is Where The Heart Is-Meanings And Insights.

And here we are again at聽Sweet Blog, the sweetest blog online - The place to be for all the 'home-concept' fans.

And today, we will dive a bit into the origin of things - the magical places where concepts take shape and form into actual ideas.

To be honest, we are quite excited about the article you are about to read.


Well, if you are one of our regular readers, you have probably already been exposed to our frequent use of the term "Home Concept."

It is the conceptual pillar on which our聽Sweet crib聽community is built, And as mentioned, its use is quite frequent.

But beyond the intuitive perception of the average person as to the Concept's definition and nature, we believe that it contains much more than it seems at first and superficial glance.

'Home' is where we feel protected and loved, and within it, our sense of peace increases - 'Home,' indeed, is where the heart is.

The聽etymological origin聽of the phrase 'home' is from the Latin word 'hominem,' hom艒 ("human being"), Something that shows the intuitive correlation between the classic physical house (four walls) and the loving human connection required in order for it to be considered as such.

In a nutshell - 'HOME' equals a human connection.

In our eyes, as an abstract idea, 'the Home Concept' is perfectly bound with one of human existence's most elementary yearning objects - the peace fulfilled by returning to the source act.

Any source.

This article will review the examples that properly represent 'the Home Concept' on its extended nuances.

And as you will see later, they are not narrowed into a four-walled space.

So, if you ever wonder what the deep meaning of HOME is, you're in the right place.

And as always, later in the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation and a video summarizing its content for you.

'Home is where the heart is-meanings and insights.'

Hop on!

1. The Obvious - Physical Space.

The first thing that probably jumps into most people's minds when the term 'Home' comes up is four walls of tangible material - a physical space - A place where people conduct their personal daily lives.

It is the most familiar Home format in terms of use and intuition.

It is commonly believed that people have lived in different structural house formats since the dawn of history.

Some claim that the oldest archaeological record of such a physical structure is the聽'Olduvai Gorge'聽in Tanzania, whose age is approximately two million years. And when it comes to dwelling/preserved stone house, the approximately 6000-year-old Scottish 'Knap of Howar' probably holds the record.

As is well known, Over the years and generations, the nature, role, and essence of the brick-and-mortar physical house have changed immeasurably, both in functional and aesthetic design aspects.聽

Therefore, don't let the traditional interpretation of the term 'Home' as you know it today fool you into thinking that its meaning has always been the same - because it hasn't - it has undergone more changes than you can imagine - Starting with the聽Stone Age, in which man relied on nature for shelter and protection, through the Ancient Civilizations (When most of the residences were built using materials that decay after a while such as wood) and the Middle Ages (which included the use of heavy timber or wood) and ending in Early Modern Period and the Contemporary Era which characterized by technology-based construction.

Here,聽you can read more about the Brief History of Houses evolution.聽So, if you ever wonder what the deep meaning of HOME is, you're in the right place.

Home products.
Home - functional physical space for living

But despite the changes mentioned above, all these homes were characterized by their ability to provide a sense of peaceful security and protection to those who inhabit them. It is probably where the aforementioned etymological connection between a physical structure and human connection/sense of safety was created.

We hope this paragraph did not bore you too much and took you way back to history lessons in school.

2. Social-Human Connection-Home Is Where The Heart Is.

The great musician Mark Hoppu once said:

"Home for me is wherever my wife and kid are."

This quote seems to clarify the message in question quite effortlessly - sometimes, 'Home' is not a physical structure but rather a unique human connection.

The space within your lover's arms, your little child's laughter sound, and even the comforting look in your aging mother's eyes who loves you unconditionally.

All of the above are examples of a comforting and loving human social connection that can provide a sense of protection, excitement, and peace combined with a taste for more. A deep sense of homecoming - to the origin - Home is where the heart is.聽

Furthermore, nowadays, countless聽evidence聽supports the claim that, Ultimately, the quality of a person's relationships dictates the quality of their life.

Let's be honest: when you lie on your dying bed, you probably won't think, "I wish I had owned a bigger house, a better car, etc." The only thing that will cross your mind is- "I wish I didn't spend more time with the people I love."

We highly recommend Bronnie Ware's book on the subject:
'The five regrets of the dying.'

Nothing less than mind-blowing.

Home productsHome is where you are!

To sum it up - good relationships can make You Feel at Home.

3. Stimulation/Sensation-Home Is Where The Heart Is.

Have you ever, during a trip or other similar circumstances, happened to pass by a certain place and smell something that reminded you of your Home?

The act usually includes a deep inhalation and a delighted smile spreading across your face while you close your eyes, visualizing Mom smiling momentarily.

Studies聽show that smell, emotion, and memory are intertwined and can easily evoke each other.

Whether we are aware of it or not, in our subconscious, we all carry fragrances from 'Home.' They lie deep within the recesses of our souls and consciousness, and the right smell at the right time can awaken them and flood us with feelings of homecoming.

Home productsSmell your way back home!

The same goes for memories and a variety of sensations.聽

Just as a smell can evoke a pleasant feeling of Home, so can other stimuli.

Sights/Sounds/Temperature changes - Even from millions of miles away, such memory-evoking stimulation can take you 'Back Home' in the blink of an eye.聽Studies even suggest that sights and other stimuli from our past can evoke emotionally charged memories.

It turns out that certain stimuli and smells are indeed a possible answer to the question - what is the meaning of Home?

4. A Sense of Peace.

There is a quote attributed to Siddh膩rtha Gautama, better known as 'Buddha:'

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without."聽

The聽dictionary聽definition of 'peace of mind' is the 'feeling of being safe or protected.'

So now, after establishing that the 'Home concept' by definition is both etymologically and essentially - related to human connection and emotion - it is quite clear that every sense of peace has a little bit of 'Home Ingredient' mixed within it.

And it doesn't really matter if you are currently in quiet solitude on the top of a Tibetan mountain or among thousands of people in the bustle of Times Square - if you are peaceful - you are Home.

Home products. Home is where the heart is
Home-it's not the location-it's the consciousness

The exciting and the differentiator thing about this 'Home' interpretation from those mentioned above is that unlike them, This one is always accessible. And there is no need for an external source to do the work for you.

Sometimes, suppose you're feeling down/sad/lonely. In that case, you can proactively - And relatively easily, it should be noted - 'take yourself back Home.'

'How?' You must be asking.

Well, we thought you'd never ask -聽Here,聽you can read about the six best ways to achieve peace of mind proactively - and thus - return Home.

To sum it up, Home is indeed where the heart is.

Sometimes, you just need to know where your heart is.

Home products.

These were the four interpretations of the 'Home concept' as we understand them.

We hope this article - 'Home is where the heart is - Meanings and 'insights' - helped you somewhat with this issue. And that now you are much wiser concerning the question:

What is the meaning of 'Home?'

And if you've come this far, don't forget to jump to our聽collections聽page.

What are you waiting for?

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