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Serenity Room - How To Establish One In Four Simple Steps?

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Serenity room



Serenity Room - What Is it, & How Do You Design One?


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Today, we'll be exploring one of the house areas, which, despite being of enormous value for every home, hardly gets the credit it deserves. In fact, many have never heard of it before - the 'Serenity Room.'


'Serenity Room' is a distinguishable - Design-wise - physical area within your house, usually in the form of a typical/classic room, which serves as a unique relaxation space for body and mind. A home space away from the daily hassles where you can disconnect and recharge yourself.

Design-wise, there is a lot to do in order to maximize the potential mental benefits that can come as a result of this room's existence. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of how to achieve this.


As always, later in the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation summarizing the key design elements of a 'Serenity Room,' and a video showcasing real-life examples for your inspiration.


'Serenity room - What is it, and how do you design one?.'

Hop on!




1. Total Separation.



Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:


"All I need is a quiet place where I can sit alone and hear myself think."


The first step in creating a 'Serenity Room' is to realize that it will require a clearly distinguishable and Separate physical home space.

By the way, one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. It's pretty obvious since, intuitively, the first thing that probably pops into most people's minds when issues like mental peace arise is complete physical separation.

As mentioned above, it will help you with your need for space away from the daily hassles where you can disconnect and recharge yourself.

Designate a physical space in your home for your serenity room. It doesn't have to be something big or fancy. Even a tiny place will get the job done. The guiding principle is complete structural separation from the house's "other" parts.

If you can afford it, soundproof walls will be great. Suppose you're not - it's all good - Just make sure you have a separate room, as mentioned. And if that too also burdens you financially, don't sweat about it. A quality sliding door/High-quality curtain, and other room dividers will get the job done.

Here, you can see some good examples of such. The guiding principle is to create a structural separation - whatever works best for you.


Serenity room

A separate room is a must!


Okay, now that we've established such a room. What's next?



2. The Right 'Stuff' (for you).


"It's all about the accessories," an ancient Chinese scholar once said.

Okay, okay, no Chinese scholar has ever said such a thing. You are absolutely right; we just made up this quote, but the guiding principle is still valid - the objects/furniture/stimuli, etc., which will contain your serenity room, will play a particularly significant role concerning the room's capability to provide you with the desired peace of mind.

Therefore, after creating the space mentioned above, you must fill it with the 'Right Stuff.'

But here comes the tricky part: although you might be tempted to think it's effortless and these accessories/stimulations are the same for everyone, they are most certainly not.

There are those for whom a bean bag and a simple yoga mat are enough, and there are those who must also have visual aids such as specific wallpapers along with particular music to be played in the background. On the other hand, some are interested in complete emptiness - they don't want to see anything! Just give them white walls and an empty room, and they're good.


serenity roomThere are lots of home accessories - use the ones that give you peace of mind


The examples can change, but the guiding principle remains the same - there are objects/accessories/wallpapers - (physical and abstract) that can provide the sense of tranquility sought for the room in question - the 'Serenity Room.'

But, as mentioned, it's a subjective matter. Each of us knows what these objects are as far as he is concerned. What kind of object can grant him some peace, and what are the ones that don't.

These things may play a significant role in any attempt to create a superb serenity room.

Use them wisely!





3. Entry Restriction.


Another great tool that can help you establish a 'serenity room' in your home is entry restriction.

For many people, peace comes from social isolation (limited in time, of course). It turns out then that a serenity room must be one that will allow you that social isolation in question.

'How?' you must be asking.

Well, it can be done by a variety of relatively simple means.

As simple as it sounds, the first is a plain door sign: "No entry when the room is in use!"


Home products

I'm trying to relax at the moment - stay out (please)!


One crucial step to maintain the effectiveness of the entry restriction technique is to foster an open family discourse. This not only ensures everyone's understanding but also promotes cooperation, making the process of establishing a serene space smoother for all.

Engage in a meaningful conversation with your family and friends, those who share your home, about the serenity room and the importance of the entry restriction technique. Their understanding and support are crucial to the success of this endeavor.

After engaging them in the process, you will see how the "Disruptions" and the sudden/uninvited entrances into your Serenity room naturally decrease.

Restricting entry at times you have decided on will allow the necessary isolation, which will effectively enhance your serenity room.

And by the way, don't feel even for one moment the need for apologizing or something about restricting entry.

Remember, the serenity room is not just a physical space, but a sanctuary for your mental well-being. By prioritizing your mental needs through entry restriction, you are taking a significant step towards preserving and enhancing your peace of mind.

Protect your peace, and don't apologize for doing so!

Rest assured, those who care about you will understand and respect your need for a serene space. Your peace is as important to them as it is to you.


Necessary clarification:

By saying - 'The Right Stuff' - we don't just mean putting the "Good" things within the serenity room, but also avoiding the "Wrong" 'stuff' from getting in.

The best example of these 'Wrong Things' is Technology in (almost) all its forms.

Let us be clear: Technology, in almost all its forms, can be a significant hindrance to your quest for peace of mind. Therefore, it's crucial to keep electronic devices out of the room before entering.

Therefore, before entering the room - keep your electronic devices out!

The phrase 'keep it simple' has never been more relevant.

The room's interior design should be as 'clean'/clutter-free/straightforward as possible - No screens/large furniture, or anything else that is inherently distracting.

As for what should be put in/included - As stated and mentioned - it depends on your preferences within these guidelines.



4. Fragrance & Sounds.


Donna Karan once said:  


"Smell is the primordial sense, more powerful, more primitive, more intimately tied to our memories and emotions than any other. A scent can trigger spiritual, emotional or physical peace and stimulate healing and wellness."


And as most of us well know, the same goes for music.


Last but not least, on our to-do list regarding establishing a serenity room, there are issues of fragrance and sounds.

Nowadays, the scientific correlation between these stimuli and our mental states is well known.

Here, too, it's pretty subjective. Therefore, It would be best if you found a way to figure out the aromas and sounds that best benefit your mental peace and embed them directly into the serenity room you are establishing.


home decorPut in some peaceful scents and sounds


Here, You can read more about fragrances that can provide you with some real tranquility, and here about such sounds.


By the way, like most things in life, everyone has their own personal input on the matter, so if you're interested in sharing some more 'personal' Serenity Room ideas, we'd be more than happy to hear them out in the comment section below.


infographic serenity room


In conclusion, we hope this article - 'Serenity room - How to establish one in four simple steps?' - will help you in your efforts to set up one. And if you have any more questions on the matter, please feel free to reach out.


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