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When Is The Best Time To Renovate Your House?

What is the best time to plan a home renovation / interior design?




When Is The Best Time To Renovate Your House?


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And today, We will do our best to answer a question that probably has crossed your mind at least once: When is the best time to renovate your house?

Most of us find ourselves at some point in life asking ourselves, is now the right time to make a renovation or redesign our home?

This is a critical question for any household.

Besides the immediate (and technical) change, which is significant in itself, it also involves a considerable financial outlay. Therefore, the decision should be made after profoundly considering the many variables.

This article will review this question and offer several answers that make the most sense.


And as always, later in the article, there will be a refreshing infographic presentation and a video summarizing its content for you.


'When Is The Best Time To Renovate Your House??'

Hop on.



1. When It Cries For Help.


The most trivial scenario in which the need for immediate renovation is considerable is when one sees it.

There is no need for further elaboration in order to explain why.

We can all see when the color of our walls began to peel off significantly and when the bath's ceramic began to crack.

All that is required from you is to keep your eyes open and pay attention to what is happening within your home.

Even if not consciously, most of us tend to pay selective attention to what we are used to, and due to your understandable habituation to your home environment, it may be challenging for you to take seriously profound measures that require correction since you have a hard time noticing a visual anomaly as a result of your sense of habit.

Therefore, our recommendation in this regard is that from time to time, you should zoom out and examine, design-wise, your home with a deeper look. A look that will make you feel like a guest for a moment.

Suppose you're finding this recommendation a bit challenging. In that case, you can always ask a friend to drop by and tell you his honest and independent opinion, which comes from his subjective and unaccustomed point of view.

His comments can help you understand the actual condition of your home and whether there is an immediate need for renovation.


Home productspay attention!


You can think on your own of other ways to help you pay better attention to your home condition. Our example is only intended to stimulate your imagination and thus help you answer the question: When is the best time to renovate your house?

By the way, Let us be clear - when discussing parts of your house that need repairing or painting, we are not referring to small and unimportant areas. Our recommendations only concern at least 25 percent of your house's total space that requires renovation. This is what we mean when we say - "When it cries for help" - as this title's paragraph.




2. Every Ten Years (Estimated).


Although the average time frame will obviously be determined based on your property's condition, it can still be said that every ten years (Approximately), your home's condition will require renovation.

True, it is impossible to set a precise time frame. After all, it depends on a wide variety of variables. However, with that being said, still, every ten years (as long as your house is indeed in daily use), Generally speaking, it is a pretty reasonable time frame.

By the way, make no mistake. Suppose you decide not to follow this recommendation; it's perfectly fine. Still, please be aware it is impossible to maintain a high-standard home without renovating once every ten years.

And let us emphasize again. The recommendation above is nothing more than our assessment. There may be a minor change here or there. The "Ten years" concept is only to clarify a point.



Home productsThe clock is ticking. Pay attention to the condition of your home


Like any other material asset in the world, As time goes by, your home is also degradable and changing, and you will not be able to avoid it, no matter how hard you try. Therefore, In order to maintain a certain level of home quality - a significant renovation every few years is quite a must.

So, if you ever wonder when is the best time to renovate your house, The paragraph above should give you something to work with.




3. Accompanying A Unexpected Repair.


It's pretty unfortunate, but it happens to all of us.

No one likes it when an immediate need for a significant home repair pops out of nowhere. 

Faulty wiring/leaky pipes/mold and foundation issues/wood rot/pipe rust or breakage/electrical and HVAC problems/water damage /termite/damage.

And more. Much more.

Think about it for a moment. Suppose there is an immediate need for ceiling replacement. Despite the understandable frustration involved, you and your family will, in most cases, have to endure for a certain period of time and maybe even sleep somewhere else until these repairs are completed. Moreover, Loud and impatient professionals will run around within your home - which will likely look like a dusty and messy war zone - Causing you a headache. So why not take advantage of this situation and (If you can afford it) go for a more complete home renovation ?!


Home producsTake advantage of the repair momentum



If, in any case, you are facing a challenging period of time due to this much-needed/Unexpected renovation, wouldn't it be better to finish all the necessary repairs at once and be done with it?! 



4. Changes.


Our lives are full of change and exciting events. Some we come prepared for, and some surprise us. Some are even considered significant landmarks in our everyday family lifeline.

Of those we arrive at prepared, the most common one is Birth.

Naturally, birth makes any family expand, and as a result, due to the addition of another human being, the need for more additional free home space increases.

In such a case - or in a similar life-changing event bringing with it the need for additional free space - you may consider expanding your home. An expansion that will probably include a considerable renovation.

Such circumstances in need of additional free space are pretty varied. We're sure you can think of some on your own. The guiding principle is whenever such a need arises, you can deal with it with the help of renovation, as stated.

Moreover, you may be surprised to hear, but not all changes occur in the real physical world. There are also mental circumstances that will make you want to create a new home environment and will require you to start a renovation process. Read more here about the emotional cycle associated with renovation.

Many of life's events can lead you to believe that change is the right thing for you right now. As mentioned, this 'Change' can be reflected in your home's renovation.

But, and it's a big But, like everything else in life, it's all about the correct dose. So do yourself a favor and think things through before taking action so you don't get carried away, turning your house upside down every time you go through something. Your walls are not to blame that your girlfriend dumped you.


It turns out then that 'Along with life changes' Is quite a good answer to the question: 'When is the best time to win over at your home?'


best time to plan a home renovationChanges as a reason for renovation




Home products

We hope that this article - 'When Is the best time to renovate your house? - has helped you deal with this issue properly.


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